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ShinyDoll soon offering Thaasa bodies w longer necks

Feb 8, 2007

    1. I've been in communication with the proprietor of BJDFantasy, who has some news from Shin, who makes the Thaasa ShinyDoll:

      >>Shin has decided he will
      >>start offering a longer neck torso body, since some folk want it, and bjd
      >>Fantasy will then offer them on the site.

      The new neck length will be about 4 cm, from hollow of the throat to top of neck, which makes it more proportional with heads [like CP type 2] that have deep neck sockets.

    2. We invite everyone to come visit us at www.bjdFantasy.com for pictures, information, and sales of the incredible ShinyDoll Thaasa body and complete OOAK dolls. On our site we have a comparison chart with measurements and pictures of several commonly known bjd bodies. There are links to ShinyDoll Japan, too, for examples of the high pose ability of the Thaasa body, as well as a few fun pictures with our Thaasa/Volks hybrid. Though we will be adding other items for SD size bjd's, for now, we want everyone to be introduced to the Thaasa body. It's a body like no other with posing ease of almost human dimension. We have deep Thaasa Love :aheartbea and want to share it with everyone. Come see us!​
    3. We are able to special order the longer neck version for those who need it, and will soon have it in stock as well. We'd like to invite you to visit our site, in the "Photo bjd Comparison Area" to see photos and measurements of several familiar doll bodies. Surprisingly, the measurements are the same or have little difference in many instances. On the Thaasa body, we photographed a few known heads--Elf Doll, Volks SD-13 and in the Ice Tree section, the Volks F-08. Perhaps some of the information will help you know if the longer neck version would be necessary for the head you'd like to use. Since the longer neck version of Thaasa does run a bit more, if you can use the standard, it would be great.
    4. A quick question about the website: can we eventually order blank heads or blank full dolls through BjdFantasy?
    5. Hi Bella! We are able and glad to, make any special order request for our ShinyDoll customers. At this time, we are placing an order with Shin for items, and will receive them in the next week or two. Blank heads are fine to order with or without the Thaasa body. We appreicate your interest, and please do let us know, if there is anything we can answer for you!
    6. Shiny Doll has just released the long neck version of the Thaasa body, and a perfect adapter for the newer notched Luts CP (Cerberus Project) heads! When the adapter is used, we suggest using the regular length neck because the adapter adds a bit of height to the neck. This is the regular Thaasa neck with 2006 Luts CP Juri head using the adapter on the regular length neck.

      And, here's a picture of the adapter. [​IMG]

      For the older CP heads with the large, plain round hole, the Luts adapter works well, and we are stocking those for your convenience.
      We have added the ShinyDoll option parts, long neck body, new adapter, and blank head prices to our site, too. Come see us! http://www.bjdFantasy.com