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ShinyDoll Thaasa Body - Opininons?

Jul 22, 2008

    1. Does anyone have experience with the Thassa body? Is it as good as the ads say it is?
      I am thinking of buying a body and attaching Elfdolls Sooah head. I love Sooah and her Elfdoll body but her big chest prevents her from wearing the MA and Bootiful Haute Doll clothes by Val Zeitler.
      Do you think the resine colors would match? Would the Sooah head be the appropriate size for the Thassa body? Can anyone advise me?
    2. I think if you do a search for "Thaasa" (since that's the way Shin-san spells the name of the body), you'll find some reviews and pictures! The body is most definitely as poseable as it's said to be; Shin-san's engineering background really shows in the way he's designed the joints.

      The Sooah head ought to be a good size for the Thaasa body, but I have no idea how the resin match might look; I don't own an Elfdoll, or I would try a headswap and report back.
    3. The Thaasa bodied girl we have here is the best poser in the house. Hands down. Period. The sculptor of Shinydoll is an engineer so he really got the stucture down perfectly. The first version body isn't as pretty as the new one, so we've considered swapping ours out, but there are no issues with the body at all. She is very slim and petite so finding clothing for her can be difficult.

      Our Thaasa girl is white skin. I can tell you that Shinydoll white is a perfect match to the white Delf Miyu head we have on it. I'm not sure what tone Shiny's normal skintone is so I can't say anything about a resin match to Elfdoll Rainy girls. I'm sure the propotion would be fine.

      I am sure the most recent clothes and shoes by Val Zeitler fit Shinydoll girl bodies. Anastasia (our hybrid Shiny/Delf) is wearing the black platform wrap shoes right now! Best fitting shoe for her ever! :) I've only held the clothing up to her, not actually tried it on, but it looks right.
    4. Thank you all for your advice. It sound like the Thassa body would work for my Elfdoll head in normal skin tone. If the colors on my monitor are correct, they should match.
      Can you tell me if the Thassa body has indents on the back of her thighs so that the legs fit into them when she sits on her legs oriental style? I would think it would make her legs look funny when she is standing. I think I saw a picture of this some where.