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ShinyDOLL THAASA now available in ivory

Dec 1, 2005

    1. I just checked in on ShinyDOLL and the THAASA girls are now available in ivory skintone. I seem to recall that this was supposed to match the Volks light skintone. YAY!
    2. Ahh lovely! I was just thinking about Thaasa earlier too. I wonder if ShinyDoll will be at Dolpa? I really want to see these in person.
    3. Ivory skintone... *sigh* I really want a girl on a Thaasa body!
    4. I'm definitely going to get a THAASA body for one of my future girls (I love hybrids!). If ShinyDOLL is going to Dolpa I am keenly interested in your opinion about the weight and texture of their resin, as well as the smoothness of some of those extra joints like the thigh swivel.
    5. St. James -san,
      Thank you very much for reporting news of new color!
      I beleave Ivory color is very much close to VOLKS white color.

      Unfortunatelly I will not attend DOLPA as an "Dealer".
      If you would like to meet my girls, I am very happy to show you at DOLPA at any time of the day.
      Or, I will attend at "DOLL SHOW" April/29/2006 in Tokyo.
      I probably take one of my THAASA girls and a Bisque girl to DOLPA.

      Yes, I started Bisque BJD production. Even if posing ability of it is much lower than cast made Thaasa body.
      I wonder members of DOA are interested in Bisque made dolls???
    6. The THAASA doll bodies are so incredible and wonderfully poseable. I am watching them with great interest, and I hope to see one in person soon. :)

      One thing I have been wondering about is what is the doll height - whether they are similar to SD/SD13, or to MSD?
    7. Karisu, the doll height is comparable to the SD height, although they're just a little shorter, and a little smaller around the body. Mine can wear the same clothes as my SD-sized dolls.

      Incidentally, they really are incredibly poseable. Much more than any of my other dolls.
    8. What posing!. I love this doll and I'd like to get one in each skin tone. The faces are beautiful too~ I especially love Kasumi-B, tho the others are so interesting too, like Youki. Thanks for the info!
    9. This is really exciting. I've wanted a THAASA doll for awhile now, but I've always been partial to white dolls. Now I just have to start saving. Eep! *_*

      Wow, the bisque dolls are very beautiful. They seem to have a softer look than the resin ones. I'm not sure I would want one, though, because I'd be very afraid of breaking her.

      I didn't know you had one, Flanna. I'd love to see her at the next meetup. : )
    10. Bella, I've only had Elektra about six weeks, which is why nobody's ever seen her. I'll be bringing her to the doll meetup obn Dec. 10 at the Udvar-Hazy Museum, so if you can come, you'll see her. She is gorgeous!
    11. I fall for Thaasa's poseability too but I'm loving the bisque head "Shi Ji Ma". She's got an Asian and naive look to her and l just love her little nose.

      Like Bella, I'm afraid of handling a bisque doll especially of this size (56-60cm), but bisque dolls are unique and I'm always drawn to them.
    12. She is very interesting! Her posing ability is indeed impressive. The skin tone is very beautiful as well.

      However, I'd say it's conjecture to say that Volks feels any particular doll is superior or not superior to their dolls. It's speculation. Perhaps there is some other reason for the rejection and eventually Thaasa will make it to DOLPA.

      But anyway, back to Thaasa....I hope members here do plan on getting her and posting many pictures! :)
    13. How can I see these dolls-Thaasa? Thanks.
    14. I'd love to see a Thassa. Would you say she is lighter or heavier than a Volk's SD?


    15. Flanna,

      I would love to see photos of your Elektra Which head does she have? Can you either post photos of her or email them to me at vsjones1@hotmail.com.


      [Edit] Well I have only seen a couple of pics of ShinyDOLLS, but next week I will be seeing one in person. My Sayuki-B has been shipped!!! I can't wait to meet her, though she will need some work before she is presentable as I ordered a base model without faceup. I hope I can give her a pretty face and make her proud.
    16. :smile: I just heard from Shin today that he has finished sculpting the extra geta feet! He'll be doing the molds and casting them in the next month. I'm still scraping my pennies together, but I've got some Christmas cash to inject into the fund! YAY!
    17. Just wanted to say that my modified Thaasa body is the most amazingly poseable doll I own. Just incredibly easy to work with. It's also quite light. The body is definitely shorter than my SD13 and a bit smaller round. But absolutely sweet.

      I've got the Namae head and it is just so wistful. I cannot say enough good things about the service as well.