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ShinyDOLL will be in DOLLSHOW in TOKYO-Hamamatucyo

Oct 20, 2009

    1. Hi, everyone

      ShinyDOLL will be in DOLLSHOW in TOKYO-Hamamatucyo on Nov. 1st.
      The booth number is [3い-18〜21](3rd floor)

      You will meet....
      Porcelain BJD doll KAGALI 56cm
      Thaasa II serries (56cm resin BJD),
      Pricco II serries (30cm resin BJD),
      offered by the same price of Automn special sales
      Outfits for Thaasa II and Pricco II,
      Wigs by Jpopdolls (some special colors there) 7/8inch, 8/9inch
      Glass eyes by Kanis 12mm, 14mm,16mm

      Some shinydolls are exibitted in DESIGN-FESTA in TOKYO-BigSite on Oct 25th.
      The booth number is [E-0079]
    2. [thread=331479]Here is a meet-up thread for this event![/thread]
    3. babytarragon-san
      OhhO, you are coming to Tokyo?
      It will be great if we could meet at the show.

      The nearest station is HAMAMATU-CYO st. which is fourth next st. of TOKYO st. to South.
      Go out of the Hamamatu-cho st. through the NORTH exit, and walk 5 minutes to the east.
      Then you will find TORITU-SANGYO-BOUEKI-CENTER building, which is 6 floors height.
      If you come here around, you will find long queue of doll fans easily. ^^);
      You will find the place at the center of the map below, and the hamamatu-cyo st. at the left end.

      The name of the show is actually "DOLLSHOW".
      The show is held from 2nd floor to 5th.( I am on the 3rd.)
      It starts at 11:00am, and ends at 4:00pm.
      The ticket price is 1000JPY. You can pay it just in front of the entrance of each floor.

      I hope you'll have good days in Tokyo, and in the show.;)
    4. pacchan-san,
      I hope you will have a chance to come to tokyo soon.
      DOLLSHOW is held about three times a year.
      There are some other doll-shows , volks' dollsparty, for example. ^^
    5. Shin-san really would like to!!! ^^ I ve been there in August but no shows for me ;O;!!
      so you live in Saitama? my japanese teacher also live in the area ^^ what a coincidence!!
    6. by the way I have checked your site!! keep up the really good work!!!
      sorry for the question: are your doll made by resin of polymeric clay?
    7. pacchan-san,
      Ohho,you were around here in August.
      There were WONDER-FESTIVAL in July, and some other "anime figure" show in August, I think.:sweat
      Are you planning to come back here again?
      Thank you for watching my works.
      Thaasa series and Pricco series are made of resin as other BJDs here on DOA.
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      Here are the News Forum Rules found at the beginning of this forum.

    9. Sorry ^^!!