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ShinyDOLL's new body [Thaasa III] and new head [eefee] released. (nudity)

Aug 8, 2010

    1. Thaasa body is refined to Thaasa III with excelent sculpt and super posable new joints.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Function of Thaasa III body.

      Early-Bird-sales is done until August 31th!.
      Body-only, base-mode, and faceup model of Thaasa III 10% off.
      Thaasa III sales is done by all ShinyDOLL's dealers.

      Thaasa II body clearance sales is also done until August 31th.
      Body-only, and base-model of Thaasa II 20% off and shipping free. Flesh color only!
      Thaasa II sales is done by only ShinyDOLL.


      New elf head "eefee" released.



    2. Wow looks lovely :) Fantastic work.
      If it's not too much hassle could you post a comparison photo between II and III?

    3. Sounds promising :) Where can we see more photos of ThaasaIII posing? The link functions of Thaasa III body brings to ThaasaII page? And I agree would be nice to see photos of thaasaIII andII next to each other!
    4. Tsuxomiz-san, BunnieB-san,
      Thank you for watching the new body.
      I am so sorry that the link was connected to Thaasa II page.
      I mended it. ^^);
      As for comparison photos, please give me 1 week, as I would leff shinydoll's office for several days.
    5. Thank you a lot Shin-san! I also wanted to ask, will Thaasa II body still available to purchanse from dealers before and after 31th august or it will be replaced by III complitely?
    6. BunniesB-san,
      Thaasa II is replaced by Thaasa III completely from now.
      Thaasa II is offered by only ShinyDOLL itself, from today to Aug 31th.
      Stock of Thaasa II flesh is limited. If it's out, it's the end of offering. ^^);;
    7. Shin-san, I see the special price offering for Thaasa II body, but I can not find the page with this body or the price.
    8. Stella Maris-san,
      I am so sorry that I have not made the special page for the SALES. ^^);
      Please order using regular price page, then I would like to re-calculate the price and write it in the reply mail, for confirmation.
      If you are confortable with the re-caliculated price, please make the payment.

      I am so sorry for the inconvenience. ^^);;
    9. I absolutely LOVE this dolls double knee joint, so fluid looking!!

      Will we be able to see her head without a wig?
    10. VictorianWinter-san,
      Thank you for loving the body, especially for knee joints.
      I made amount of efforts to make up the knee joints. ^^);
      I would like to upload the head photo later.
      These are photos while construction.


    11. Comparison photos here. ^^);
      Knee joints are moved to upper position.
      Lines are changed to curvy.
      Diameter of thieves are enlarged.
      Feet are made thinner, in order to let them wear Monique's high heels.

      Outlook of knee joints are changed.
      Hip line is changed to curvy.

      Construction of knee joints are changed.

      Constrcution of elbow joints were changed, and the bending range is enlarged.

      Bending range of knee joints are much different when arms are bended to outward.
    12. with those ears... what is she suppose to be?
    13. something non-existing, created in humans brain.