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Shiwoo Elf available?

Oct 19, 2004

    1. On the Luts website, is it just me, or is Shiwoo Elf not a new doll? And already listed as "sold out"? Anybody know anything about him?

      He could make me break my pledge not to buy anymore BJDs for a while! :o

    2. shiwoo elf is an older doll, limited to 68 the same as elf el.

      The only way to get an elf shiwoo is to buy one 2nd hand. They come up occaisionally on DoA.. wait for dolpa 12 and the release of elf lishe. A few old dolls come up for sale during those time periods and there were 3 or 4 elf shiwoos up for sale at that time.

      original price for elf shiwoo was $600.
    3. Sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings, Susan, but CP's Shiwoo Elf was a limited edition, so he's no longer available, unless you can snap him up from a current owner. I was lucky enough to purchase mine earlier this year from a previous owner who wasn't able to bond with him, so keep an eye peeled on the Marketplace, and you may eventually be as lucky as I was!

      Good luck to you--he's a treasure!
    4. I swear I looked at that group of dolls on Luts website a dozen times when I was trying to order the El Elf, and never saw Shiwoo Elf. I AM getting old :crushed ...

      I'll keep an eye out for one on DOA. When is Dolpa 12? And 'splain to me what a dolpa is? I've read all the FAQ's and still don't know what it is beyond the introduction of some new limited editions, but I thought it was only Volks. Is it like a convention for introduction of all kinds of BJD's?

      Pardon the Newbie here, but I learn so much from you guys!

    5. Yes, it's pretty much a big BJD gathering.. It stands for 'Doll Party', but shortened in the way the Japanese do with things *laughs*. I believe it's mainly Volks oriented simply because Volks is the biggest BJD company in Japan and the gathering is in Japan, so... However, I know that many other companies go there and show off new dolls and have special 'event only' releases-- like Elf Lishe and others. I'm afraid I don't know for sure more details than that, but that should give you a general idea of it... Perhaps some people who have been to a Dolpa Event could share what it's like?
    6. Elf Shiwoo was for sale last January... way before El was released. :3 Don't worry, you'll get to meet mine one of these weekend. :oops:
    7. DolPa, or Dolls Party, is a doll convention/show RUN BY VOLKS. Volks does have a dealer room, where some makers such as Alchemic Labo will show off their items. However, the focus is generally on Volks's 1/6 and SD-scale dolls, and a highlight of the show is the sales of the new and limited edition dolls and items, as well as the One-Off SD Auctions and doll contests.

      According to a sheet Volks had for dealers, DolPa 12 will be on December 5th.

      I'm not sure if DolPa is one of the doll shows where attendees are implicitly or explicitly discouraged from bringing non-Japanese BJDs. "Doll Show", which is not run by Volks, was definitely a show where certain brands were forbidden/strongly encouraged not to show up. The wording tends to be vague (e.g. calling them "foreign-made BJDs" rather than specifying a maker or a country), but the general rationale is "they could be illegal copies, so please refrain from displaying them in your booths because we could get in trouble".
    8. Dechanique--

      Where did the information about the Elf Lishe come from? Did I just miss it on the website, or did it come from elsewhere? When/where/who/how (much)? :)

    9. november/december release probably a little less than the male elves (i'm thinking she'll be $550 since elf el was 570).

      there was a thread made on her- but i dont know exactly where. they showed a pic of her.