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shiwoo Elf nose? it's HUGE!!

Dec 7, 2007

    1. i have a shiwoo vamp elf, and her nose is so long. it made me wonder, do the normal shiwoos have uber long noses or is it just the elf. my mom says its probably just the elf because elfs are supposed to have long pointy noses as well as ears.

      also, does anyone know if Morbidollz or one of her sisters do mods.
      (hehe shiwoo rinoplasty)
    2. Shiwoos and MNF Shiwoos have the same facials proportions as their Elf counterparts. The only difference is that some think the MNF Shiwoo's eyes are not quite as big as the Elf's. You'll have to ask Morbidollz if she would do a nose modification. If not, there are several talented mod atrists listed in the customization area.
    3. I have both mnf elf shiwoo and elf vampire shiwoo... the difference is their noses. elf shiwoo have the normal shiwoo nose while the elf vampire have a bit thin and long nose.

      as mithrilglow says find a good and talented mod artist. ^__^ I'll have my elf vampire shiwoo be modded to open eyes and probably nose reduction by angel toast. ^__^
    4. I was shocked myself when I got my doll, I moddified my vamps noes down so she would be more femine but she turned out looking like a Lishe >.<
      Here is the difference so you can see. It was actually really easy to do, I was amazed.

      Sorry about the blurry picture. Again like I said its really easy to do yourself but if you preffer having someone els do it go for it. I think in the end that she might have ended up looking too much like a lishe instead of a Shiwoo..
      Pic with a shabby face up but its just to give you a idea what it looked like in the end.
    5. Aww, but this nose is lovely. I find such mangaesque noses adorable.
    6. Ohhh I agree, once I got used to the noes I loved it, it is so pretty, but its just a shock when you dont expect it to be "that" long :XD:
    7. i do like the nose, but i have used the character for a very long time, and she is well know to have "a cute and small nose". and it kinda creeps me out, when i have her in profile and the only part of her face i can see out of the wig is this huge schnozz >.< ^_^. i was hoping Morbidollz would do it, since i plan to commish her for a face-up anyway. but i think ill give it a shot.

      thanks all, i was worried it was just me being crazy.

      oh my gosh Raven, your shiwoo is gorgeous ^o^
    8. I have an DIM R-ASIAM and when I've seen his nose for the first time I was like :o He is such a Pinocchio <3
    9. I adore the long nose! :D
    10. Most BJD sites do not show profile photos of their dolls, and some don't even show full-face photos, so you have to depend on user photos. Re Shiwoo's nose - there seem to be quite a few modded ones around.

    11. I swore when I got my regular Shiwoo that I would cut his nose down, but once I got him my fiance screamed at me that that would be mutilation. Heh. I never did it, and now it's grown on me, but I have to say I think his nose is a bit long as well. Shiwoos all have big noses. ^_^
    12. I don't know why, but I luv long beaks on a doll! My DZ Wing, and both my Elf Shiwoo and my MNF Elf Shiwoo have 'em and they're adorable!.......Well I say my Elf Shiwoo, but after today, he belongs to Nanyalin!
    13. after seeing a big Shiwoo so many times, i don't recall his nose being huge ^^"

      Then again the only Luts dolls i've seen in real life, is El, El-ss, Nanur07, Abadon, Shiwoo, Elf Chiwoo and mini Chiwoo. Par Nanu and Abadon, the others all have bigger heads than their usual counterparts ^^

      I think a nose reduction is not a problem and really you should see my El's side profile o_O all nose. But i love how straight it is, a long high, straight nose... all par Roy in my house has one.

      MNF Shiwoo looks a lot like MNF Lishe...
    14. That's so funny, because one of my Shiwoo heads will be a tengu, which traditionally have very long noses! I's think the long nose will work all right for the kitsune as well (if you've got a muzzle in your natural form, it stands to reason it might turn out to be a bit of a schnozz in human form), although if I sanded hers down it'd make them look less like twins.
    15. A friend of mine has a shiwoo elf vamp. sleeping and I have never noticed that his nose. I didn't think it was that noticeable. I thought it made him look unique.
    16. But I love and adore Shiwoo's noses! XD
      *feels the urge to poke them*

      Man... do I miss my Shiwoo kids... *goes cry in a corner* :crushed
    17. Lol, I have a normal mnf shiwoo and a elf sleeping vamp mnf shiwoo.

      My vamps nose is skinnier and pointier than my normal one's, along with his entire head being slightly smaller and more angled.

      The normal mnf shiwoo has a big round head and big eyes, though if my vamp's eyes were open (they'll be partly open soon) I think they'd be huge too.