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Shocking bootleg official website

Feb 19, 2016

    1. I am very shocked that I found official website for recasted dolls. As an artist I know how hard it is to not only make a doll. But reliece it on the market. And it's not just a piece of plastic. It's my income, my sleepless nights and restless weekends.

      I still can't get over this. I know we are all trying to prevent this. But now I feel so hopeless. I was working on my new doll about 9 month. Every single day. And soon I am gonna cast it in resin. And I feel so threatened.
      #1 Pasha Setrova, Feb 19, 2016
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    2. Anyone who would buy bootlegs aren't worthy as your customer anyways. Anyone who is a True doll collector would want a real doll... When I first got into the hobby, I saw this website. I didn't know they were bootlegs, all I knew is they were so much cheaper. I did more research, and the bootlegs are terrible quality anyways. So if someone doesn't care about the craft, the care, their morals, or a good quality doll(or being allowed on den of angels for that matter) let em at it... Saves more real dolls for the rest of us who appreciate every ounce of sweat that goes into making them
    3. I know, I can't believe there are specific recast websites either :( it's bad enough they are all over eBay. I hate the idea of recasts, they take income and inspiration from artists AND make the secondhand market a suspicious, almost threatening place. Lots of older dolls didn't come with certificates, but now we have to be afraid to buy dolls without those because they could be recast.
    4. Now I even think that certificate is not enough. But thank you. I have pretty complicated certificate- so it's not enough just to print it out.
    5. You are totally right. How can you buy a second hand doll and be sure it's real? Why they just won't start to produce shoes or clothes for dolls that would be legal. And I found it when I was looking for a dolls of my friends (from Russia), pretty big name. I feel so bad for them. I know how hard they are working.
    6. It's very upsetting, that's for sure. What's even worse is knowing that people willingly go to that website to purchase said recasts. Barf. :barf
    7. I am a customer who buys dolls and will never buy a recast if I am aware of it. It defeats the purpose of buying a unique doll if it is fake. I see dolls as art and it just does not make sense to support the business that might take the hurt the artists and their ability to create new pieces.
    8. I've seen this website before. Me being new to BJDs, I noticed the prices were significantly cheaper so I was a bit confused. After a bit of research, I found out they were recasted and was shocked!
    9. I think the website is the same factories in China that are making all the re-casts and selling them on EBay. They do the same thing-- STEAL the company photos, and say they offer free faceups, but don't guarantee it is at all like the photos they have (which are all stolen company photos on the website, too!).

      It is disturbing because they have hundreds of sculpts for sale from almost all BJD companies. They are breaking all kinds of laws, but no one has shut them down yet! I mean, they are using stolen photos, which is against copyright and internet practice... They do this on Ebay, which is supposedly against Ebay rules... They are not showing the actual item they are selling, which are re-casts without official outfits or faceups, like the photos they are using... That is against Ebay rules, too. But then, Ebay has been sued by companies for selling counterfeits and Ebay is currently one of the biggest site for selling counterfeits in the world, so it's apparently not just a bjd problem!

      I kind of hate the internet (or the host that won't take down that re-cast website with all the stolen photos on it!), and kind of hate Ebay (which won't take down all the re-cast auctions that are against their rules... I actually have reported hundreds and hundreds of them, but nothing is done). I kind of hate the pro-re-casters who started and help continue this illegal and unethical activity. It's just bad-bad-bad.

      It makes re-selling a doll difficult. You have to prove it is legit now (auctions on Ebay sometimes say in the title "legit doll" because there are so many fakes out there, and even then, you can't be sure they aren't lying about it. Plus you have to compete with recast prices which are super low because they just steal the hard work of the artists and companies.

      I don't even go on ebay any more because I hate seeing all the re-casts using company photos! I don't understand how much illegal activity just can't be stopped. I guess it's like all the stupid hacking and malware and fishing that goes on and doesn't seem to get stopped. "Call us here because we are about to arrest you for something bad with your Income Taxes!!!" I mean--the phone number is RIGHT THERE! How can these people not get caught??? The re-casters are RIGHT THERE, with a big website of illegal activity, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger...

      Why do people have to behave so badly? I don't know. It makes me sad. :( And angry. :vein
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    10. I've seen that site too. I just hate to think how much money they are probably making from stolen work.