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Shoe problem T-T

Mar 15, 2007

    1. My Unoa Sist(my first doll) is coming in a week, and I thought I had everything. Clothes, books/toys, a wig, and even angel wings...I forgot the shoes!:doh
      There's an anime convention coming up in April, and I'll be going there to my first doll meet up.
      I spent all of my money on the Unoa earlier today, thinking I had nothing to worry about, now I need to find some cheap shoes, and fast O.O

      Do you guys know any cheap shoe places that sell for Unoa? All I'm looking for is some simple white ballet flats or something, just white girly shoes. T-T All I've found so far is 30-50 dollar shoes, and that's way out of my price range. I'm doing a job with my parents on Friday to buy shoes, but knowing them they'll hand me a 20 dollar bill or less. -_- so I need some cheaaap shoes, like 15 bucks or so tops. DX

      edit : or red shoes, actually red would match her outfits better ^^ some cute flats or "kitten heels"
    2. If you find any, I'd like to know about them. Mimiwoo sells MSD shoes on ebay but I don't know if they're too wide. Some have laces across the top of the foot so they look like they could be tightened.
    3. Yeah I'm wary of MSD shoes, because people said they were big on Unoa. She needs some shoes that'll stay on her feet if I'm gonna take her anywhere X.x
      I'll let'cha know though, gosh I feel like a ditz. I'll buy my poor True a Tarot book, but not shoes? :...( I'm a bad doll parent already!
    4. I have a L-Bi. I'm going to try on him Pimi's shoes (MSD) and see how it works...But, I think unoa has a size more like Minifée's.
      And don't be sad, Rive...I haven't any shoes for my boy yet either. LOL

      EDIT: Yeah, MSD shoes are quite big for unoa size. >.<


      They're Kid delf shoes from Luts.
    5. Oh wow, that wouldn't be good at a con, her shoes would fall off and get lost :(
      Thank you for taking pictures though, I appreciate being saved from making a big mistake. ^^;
    6. about shoes... umh

      I think dollmore adidas-type shoes can fit... they're closed, and they can be stringed (I suppose)
      Or boots, boots are difficult to fall and you can't see if there's a lot of space between the feet and the shoes.
      Or there's a e-bay store that sells shoes, they're divided in mm sizes
      maybe sharmin size fits? I think it's a bit too large.. .

      maybe try asking her, there era 54 and 58 size shoes... unoa feet is 53/54, so maybe 58 is better with socks.
    7. Maybe try Pupapa? I think they may only do MSD-sized shoes, but I think they have some with laces that could be tightened for her...

    8. Thanks for the links you guys, my friend gave me some money(in return all the home cooked meals he can eat :) ), so I think I'll be able to at least buy shoes in the 30 dollar range, and I even got to get some extra, cheap toys. :aheartbea
      Lucky me>w< Today is just a lucky day. Got my Unoa, got a bunch of stuff(gameboy, camera, boardgame, necklace charm, stuffed bunny, backpack, and lunch box), I should stop spending so much though, golly.
    9. The Mimiwoo sneakers fit just fine, although you might want socks. In fact, I need a shoehorn to get the canvas type ones off of Helly at times. ;)
    10. Minifee Luts shoes should fit Unoa, though I'm not sure of the exact fit...
    11. Luts MiniFee shoes are large on Luts MiniFee. Too big for U-Noa if you are looking for something that will stay on unless it is a tie or boot. They will still wiggle around a lot.