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Shoe problems

Feb 6, 2011

    1. Hope this is in the right section, don't know where else to put it.

      I have a 50 cm obitsu and plan on buying a dikadoll Blanca. Now the obitsu has 5.8 cm shoes and blanca has 5.3 cm. I'm having a real hard time finding shoes, they are either way too big or too small.

      The thing is, my boy's 5.5 cm shoes fit on my obitsu even though they should be too small, which confused me even more!

      I've found some leekeworld shoes that are 6.3 cm. Will 5 mm make much of a difference?

      For blanca, the closest thing I've found are 5.2 cm, would those fit or would it be safer to go with 6 cm shoes?

      I haven't had any problems finding shoes for my boys...On that note, can dolls with the standard flat feet wear healed shoes if they're not too high?

      Any help would be much appreciated.
    2. From my experience I like to go larger rather than smaller. I've bought shoes thinking they'd fit but they turned out too small, but thats just my opinion.

      Also with the high heeled shoes, it depends on the shoes, i couldnt get my girls flat feet in a pair of high heels but the shoes were a bit skinny. They also cant stand up if they have flat feet in high heels, at least not when I've tried lol
    3. My boys are currently wearing shoes that are a full centimeter too long! It seems to help them stand a little sturdier and they look fine as far as proportions go. Like the above commenter said, go bigger rather than smaller. 6cm shoes should perfectly fine for your dolls. Good luck!
    4. I've found the Dika Doll kids can wear most Luts Kid Delf & Bluefairy Tiny Fairy shoes. :)
      Hope this helps!
    5. Thanks for all the advice, I know which shoes I'll get now :)
    6. :)So far l bought most of my shoes for the obitsu 50 girl doll off of e-bay thought you need to look for the inner shoe size (6.0/6.5 inner size) this well fit there feet.
    7. My DK Yolanda has a little bit of foam stuffed into the toes of her shoes to keep them snug. A cotton ball would probably work well too. Fixes all of my slightly-too-large shoes issues.
    8. I still suffer from the problem of choice . these few mm spoil the whole picture