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Shoes and Boots for Senior Delf boys

May 15, 2007

    1. Hi!
      I just purchased a Senior Delf from Luts the other day and I was wondering what other doll companies tend to have the same shoe size. His foot length is 8 cm, which is larger than the traditional Luts or Super Dollfie, and I want to buy him shoes that I can get off of Ebay or another auction site instead of Luts (for price-related reasons). I checked both Iple House and Dream of Doll, but neither company make shoes larger enough for SDF :|. Help!

    2. um... maybe Dollshe Hound sized shoes?

      I have to check >_<

      EDIT: Ok Model doll shoes say they are about 10.5cm for male, and 9cm for female... so they should fit

      their website is www.dollmore.net and you should go to doll shoes, then Model Doll sizes
    3. I think these would be the SD13 shoes;)
    4. Okay, I know Luts offers a full line of SDF shoes for boys, but I was hoping to try and find something a little less expensive for my Abadon, when he gets here.

      But, the thing is, I've looked at a few places, and it says the inner part of the shoe is 7.5 cm, (or the outer part is 8 cm) and the length of the SDF foot is 8 cm...

      So...I guess I'm wondering if I can still squeeze his foot into these boots, or if I'm better off just buying the SDF boots from Luts.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^
    5. Maybe its better for you to buy bigger ones. Like Dollzone or take a look at bobobie there is some shoes 9cm inner and not so expensive >_<!
    6. Yeah, I noticed Bobobie had some inexpensive shoes that were bigger. I was just hoping for some black boots >_> The ones DZ has aren't bad, I guess...

      *sigh* well, I'll keep searching. Thanks, though ^_^
    7. what about normal SD13?? Arent they big?
    8. I think that the most part of those SD13 shoes is 7.5 inner foot.

      I was searching for a pair of boots to a Iplehouse male (7,8 cm) and im having problems too... Maybe they can wear a 7,5 &#191;? Dont know >_<

      Its hard to find not expensive big boots...
    9. lace84 - Like Kanako said, most have the smaller (7.5 cm) foot, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to squeeze my boy's feet into them.

      Kanako - Yeah, I know...I really like a pair of the SDF boots that Luts has, but they're about $40...and if I could get some for less, that would be better :3 Because I already spent a lot of money getting the eyes I wanted for him (Darn Soom eyes, costing so much...)

      I might have to settle for regular shoes for now (like the Bobobie ones, or something), but I think I might be able to live with that. Unless I somehow get an extra $40+, and can find a Luts group order :P
    10. I believe normal SD13 boy shoes are 8,5 ~ 9cm, or at least big enough for my Bermann who has normal SD13 boy sized feet.
      Shoes with an inner size that is smaller than 8cm are too small for a 8cm foot, and squeezing them in will not work at least not when the difference is 5mm.

    11. Thank you, Sabriell ^_^ That is what I was wondering about.

      Most of the less expensive "SD13" boots I came across had an inner length of 7.5cm, so I didn't think they would work. But I wanted to make sure before I bought them.

      On a side note, I found some I like at Mimiwoo.com, and they were listed as 8cm, but I don't know whether this is the inner or the outer measurement...

      I'll just have to be extra diligent about making sure the sizes are right *_*

      (p.s., Sabriell, I see you're waiting for an Abadon, too ^__^ Abadon=love!)

    12. SD13 shoes with an inner size of 7,5cm are SD13 GIRL shoes.
      And thank you, but I bought him only for his body, because my JunSu Minimee head will need his own ^_~*

    13. Oh. Well, now that makes sense >_>;; And I feel kinda dumb.

      (And the Senior Delfs do have nice bodies :3 I just liked the whole thing)
    14. LOL well I do like his head and I have seen some amazing Abadon's, but if I want to use the body for my MNM head I will have to destroy the neckpiece so that the other head will fit.
      This meaning that I can't put the Abadon head back one :sweat

      And I just bought a pair of SD13 sneakers, when I have both the sneakers and my Abadon I will take some pictures of him wearing them.
    15. Hi! I am not too sure if I posted this in the right section. So if I am wrong please do move this thread.

      I would just like to ask if senior delfs are able to fit in Delf or Doll Heart clothes or any SD13 clothes. Besides that, does anyone know if Senior Delf's feet are able to fit in to SD13 shoes for male produced by doll heart?

    16. I think the dollheart shoes might fit coz they're a bit loose on Delf O_O (or so I heard..no real experience..yet T_T )

      i'm not too sure about the clothing though..yiesha's natsu (SDF dion) tried to wear yuki's (Nanuri06) pants the other day and it fits okay on the waist part but a bit tight on the butt and hips. not to mention its a bit short XD
    17. I haven't tried to many things on my Senior Delf yet. Right now he's wearing Volks Tony's default outfit and it fits him just fine. I think it's a little more loose around the waist than it is on my SD13 boys.
    18. Hi,

      have no idea about the shoes, but recently bought a dollheart earl v4 for my El and since my abadon Soren was closer decided to see how it would go on him - it fits him extremely well - pants, shirt (actually shirt looks like it was tailored for him) and jacket - did not pose him a lot in it (he was headless at the time), so due to the close fit may encounter some limitations if trying to pose his arms behind him/ above head. Main issue I had was that due to his huge hands, it took a bit of wriggling to get them through without damaging anything. Hat was a bit big though - but Soren's face is being redone so no wig which may make a difference.

      For Volks SD13, one outfit I had I didn't realise it was for the longer leg sd13 :doh so again the pant length is good on him (haven't tried it on my el but suspect be a tad long), but a bit loose around the waist for him. Again, his hands came into play and there was absolutely no chance of getting him into the jacket without taking the hands off as the sleeves were constructed to be close fitting - my El Vanya had no trouble getting it on.

      Hope that helps a little, but think you would have to take into consideration what kind of outfit it is - the other volks outfit I have is a little more casual and has wider sleeves and Soren can wear that one as well.

      Cheers :)
    19. my natsu can fit on dollheart boots. he can still wear sd13 pants from dollheart if you dont mind hiding it inside the boots cuz it's short. lolx He tried to wear this clothing from dollheart, but he cannot fit the hands :sweat
    20. Thanks for the info. As for the hands, it is because the fingers are too big?