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Shoes and clothing for Soom Mecha Angel girls

Oct 18, 2008

    1. Please can anyone tell me how wide the Mecha Angel girl's feet are? Soom lists the length as 8cm so I'm wondering if SD13 boy shoes would fit?

      I've just ordered Deneb so I'm hoping to get some footwear before she arrives :)
    2. Her feet are 3.2 cm wide. Boys shoes should fit fine. I tried a couple pair of shoes I bought for RIO (Unidoll) and they fit quite nicely.
    3. Hmmm, the pairs I was looking at were 2.8cm so perhaps they would squeeze on.

      Thanks Paulajtm, that's really helpful. :daisy
    4. Hi,
      my friend has just bought Saiph from Soom and I'm thinking to do the same)))))
      But we have a usual problem, i think: where to buy clothes and shoes for this lovely but rather big girl? Soom provides rather poor range of mecha angel's clothes and no shoes at all (((
      If you've already discussed this problem here, could you give me just the link to that thread?
      If not, I'd be more than happy to have your advices!!!
      HELP, please))))))))) She is gorgeous while naked, but we really need to dress her up)))
    5. The Model Doll shoes from Dollmore fit the Mecha Angel girls very well, including the heels for their heel feet. Clothes... not sure. I've used some of the Model Doll male shirts on them well, though I tend to make things for them. (And even that is a bit sparse.)
    6. surreality, thank you! We thought about dollmore but were not sure. Shoes are the main problem. Clothes could be made, you're right, but shoes... Thanks for the good advice!
    7. I've been told that SD13 boy shoes fit too, although I haven't got any to try yet.

      I've started making clothes for my Deneb. I am planning to open a sales thread and take commissions (once I have some more patterns together :sweat) but if anyone has a nude girl who wants some clothes I'd be happy to help :)
      Also, PamSD had a gorgeous OOAK outfit in the Marketplace last week, so there are seamstresses out there sewing for these Amazon ladies.

      (And a pic of my girl wearing an outfit by me :))

    8. Saiph is at the top of my wish list. She may be coming home soon if I can get it together for this month's FFD. Any advice on finding clothing for this big girl? I'm at a loss on this subject.
    9. tropicofcapricorn- cloths for the girls are hard to come by. i finally ordered jeans from the soom site for my girl.
    10. There you go, my justification for saving up for Deneb. I can use her to pattern clothes for MA girls to sell. Thanks, diane!;)
    11. Bumping this...any more suggestions for clothes or shoes?
      I just got my Saiph and she doesnt approve of sitting around in lacy lingerie all day long..lol..
    12. I agree completely! The Saiph at our house is currently wearing jeans and a MA male shirt, for lack of other options. I wish Soom would, well, make some pretty clothes for the MA girls for goodness sakes! :( But if someone else was into making modern clothes for her, it would serve just as well.

    13. Saiph! From Soom,I ordered the high heeled black boots that zip up the inside and tie up the front. These are shown on their site as fitting the MA female. Well, the boots arrived a few days ago and I cannot for the life of me get her foot into either boot. I have both sets of feet. Her toes touch the sole of the boot and will not go any further. Any suggestions? I have written to Soom about this... and I'm pretty upset about it.
    14. Wow. She looks really really good. ;) I love the skirt and strappy little top.

      I don't even know that you can stretch them. It makes me wonder, sometimes, why I was so mad to get my Mecha. She spends most of her time naked. :...( Not really in a good mood to play with the other dolls.
    15. Thank you! :) I've finally got myself sorted and started a Mecha Angel girl clothing commission thread so if anyone is interested....;)

      I got some shoes from Dale Rae; www.dalerae.com
      They are sized for a Dollmore model but they fit Deneb really well. Dale has a sale on at the moment so the price is reasonable too.
    16. i don't know. MA are quite taller than other dolls
    17. Any one else find clothing that may not be for the MA but fits?
    18. I'm afraid not, but my sister's absolutely in love with jemmilly's clothing, you should check out her work! So recommended! :aheartbea

    19. I never heard from Soom soooo I put the high heel feet on her and was able to get the boots on. The trick is to loosen the laces as much as you can and they do end up fitting her very well. She can even stand without help wearing them.
    20. I heard that Dollmore Model stockings fit them as well, just not as high up their legs, obviously. ;)