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Shoes, boots and sneakers for DoT boys

Feb 23, 2006

    1. hihi :) i have hardly any clothes for my camine and he might arrive next month ( plus i can't sew ><; ) so i want to buy shoes.

      What shoes be good for my camine? i know camine has 7,5 cm foot length so i guess what will fit okay. i saw some I like on Ebay and I just want to make sure.
    2. as for shoes, I about 3 pair from souldoll and they fit good. ^^ I have a pair of sneakers that look almost like those but they are from dollmore. I haven't tried them on Yuuku yet but once I get home I can. Until then I hope you find the help you need. ^^
    3. thanks. ^^; but i checked the dollmore site and...it says that the inside of those sneakers are 7.2 CM but camine's feet are 7.5 CM long...are you sure they are okay for him?
    4. i'm planning to get sneakers from ebay too! but extremely worried that 8cm wld mean the ext length and it wouldnt fit Camine at all. I msged the seller but she hasn't replied. =( i want to know if they would fit too..
    5. Shoes of those measurements didn't fit my boy: his feet are 7.3cm, so they definitely wouldn't fit your Camine. Try the larger shoes this seller has - I bought a pair in this size and they fit him really well and still have room to spare.
    6. Does anyone know if DOT boys can wear Luts Delf boy shoes? *crosses fingers so Nathaniel won't have to be barefoot*
    7. yeah that should definately work :) i still am not sure if the shoes i want work tough ^^;

      is aw that they had new shoes for DoT's at DoD ^^ i want them but they are sold out >_<;; grrr...
    8. Hello,

      Im sorry if theres already a thread for this or not but I couldn't find it. >_<

      Anywho, Its so hard to find shoes for my Yuuku(DoT: Camine) besides DoD. I was wondering if anyone can be so kind to tell me wich shoes fit and which don't. :/

      FYI: I bought a SD13 size shoes for Yuuku from Leeke and it barely fits. ;__; I had to squeeze, and twist and turn for it to fit. Also.. dollmore shoes... doesn't fit at all from my experiance.. so I am stuck. Oh yeah... souldolls are ok though.. but I am not so sure about luts shoes.. I heard some fit? Will Hound size shoes fit?

      well, Please let me know, and help me out if you can. Thank you so much! :daisy
    9. I've had success with anything marked as SD13 boy/Hound size. I have a pair of black dress shoes from Posh Dolls and a pair of sneakers with 3 stripes on the sides from mimiwoo that fit great. I also have a pair of brown Volks SD13 boots that just barely fit.
    10. DollHeart shoes fit, though it's a little tight. Not too bad. Silly wide DoT feet. O_O Huge feet, little heads! I'm not sure about Luts shoes... CP boys have such tiny little feet...
    11. I know Custom House boys also have very big feet, so you might try shoes from there as well ^^
    12. Thank for the help guys. I am glad finding shoes for shall will be a bit easier. ^_^ As for CH... has anyone tried them yet? Does anyone know if the shoes fit or not? I would order from them but I can't risk loseing more money then I've already have for shoes. ;__;

      Thank ye for all the help! ^___^ I would love more help too if anyone can! :D
    13. I bought some SD13/Hound size boots from iplehouse as well they fit wonderfully and have room for socked feet as well. In general I go by the inside shoe measurements and haven't had any trouble yet
    14. i have a pair of luts macaroni white boots on my camine- they fit perfectly.
    15. I have a pair of Soul Doll boots and Luts Big Ankle boots fit my Lahoo.
    16. I bought a pair of Volks shoes for my Camine -- no chance they were going to fit on him, sadly enough. But I do have two pairs of Luts boots that fit him very well... and have you looked at http://www.mimiwoo.com? (She sells on eBay under the same name, if you prefer that) Some of the sneakers on there are way too small even for my Shiwoo, but I have a pair of these in blue and white which fit both boys perfectly. The price isn't bad, either!
    17. I have Dollheart boots on my Quill and they're actually a smidge big......odd problem it seems....but they dont fall off! They dont fit bad really...I likes em.
    18. Oh this helps so much!! Thank you all so much! I am really happy now! ^__^ Thank you!

      also, if anyone else has any more suggustion please feel free. I am always on a look out for shoes for Yuuku! :D Thank you!