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Shoes for Delf girls?

Jan 6, 2005

    1. I did do a search and was unsuccessful..... Help me out if you know a thread for this or have the info. Thanks!


      PS.... it is a boot that I am interested in. :chibi
    2. I mean Volks SD13 Girl shoes. Thanks!

    3. volks sd and sd13 girls have almost the same size foot as lishe, so sd13 girl shoe will PROBABLY fit lishe. it's hard to say though
    4. I'm sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find it in search --
      Do Dollheart shoes fit on Luts girls? I am specifically looking at some high-heeled boots for SD13 girls with high-heeled feet. Do CP feet have enough of an arch to wear these boots and still stand up? Are the feet too big overall, or too small? It's very hard to tell if shoes fit still feet even with precise measurements, so I was hoping someone had some Dollheart experience. Thanks if anyone does...
    5. My Lishe can wear Dollheart boots (so can my Shiwoo, actually, heh) and stand (these ones specifically).

      Are you talking about those new black ones that they have out? Those are pretty cool. I THINK that they would fit, but I'm not positive.
    6. I have 4 dollheart boots .. And my Lishe can wear them all even the high heeled ones :)
    7. I have an sd13 girl with the arched feet and I also have bought both Dollheart and Luts shoes for her. Both do fit and fit rather nicely. I have both boots and regular heeled shoes.
    8. Hi guys,

      Hope this isn't an obvious question :oops: I was just wondering if the Luts shoes for boys will likewise work Ok on a Luts girl doll, or will they look noticably too large? Thanks very much for any info!
    9. Well the boys can wear the girls shoes, but the boys shoes might look a *little* big on girls.. I'm not sure...

      - Therese
    10. ooh thanks for asking this question, I'm wanting to know too. I just love love love the luts red chess boots, but they are boys and I am wondering if they will look just too clunky on my lishe. Maybe I should post a request in the gallery section for luts girs wearing luts boy shoes. I actually like a lot of the boy boots but i'm not really a boy doll person
    11. They DON'T look good AT ALL. I got the "Rider in Seoul" boots, back when the website did not specify that they were for the boys (just said "for Delf"). They were HUGE on my Lishe and looked totally ridiculous. I could pull them off without unzipping because they were so humongous around the calf. it was a big disappointment since they have such neat boots for the boys. But I can personally attest that if you get the boy shoes for your girl, you will probably be disappointed. And I don't mean they just don't fit slightly.... they really, really, really don't fit. Very very big.
    12. On another note the boys boots are really quite large on the boy, it doesnt look bad, but there is ALOT of room down at the bottom for my El's foot to move around, though the boot top itself fits his calf snug, doesnt slid around at all.
    13. Hello, I am very new to this forum.

      Does anyone have a comprehensive list of which shoes fit Luts Lishe?

      Thank you
    14. Hi Frank! Welcome to DOA! I don't know of a list, but here are a couple places where you can buy shoes for Lishe. Usually they're listed as fitting SDs or SD13s... If you find a pair you're not sure about, shoot me an email with the address of the shoe, and I'll check them out for you. After a short while you'll be able to tell...

      SoulDoll: http://souldoll.com/ Make sure to check the "sale" items, in the list under the general shoe heading - it's at the end - there are some very cute shoes there! And the sale prices are so great! My Lishes favorite baby blues maryjanes are from SoulDoll...

      Domuya: http://www.domuya.net/

      Dollheart: http://www.dollheart.com/ T-strap shoes, when they have them in stock - they're a little big on Lishe, but if she has tights or stockings on they'll be perfect. Frankly I prefer them loose to tight.

      Posh: http://www.poshdolls.com/ The pumps are tight, but very nice.

      AjumaPama: http://www.ajumapama.net/

      And Luts, of course... That's all I can think of, at the moment! Happy shopping! :grin:
    15. Hi Steph,

      I was actually looking at the Ajumapama shoes. There's a neat pair of hiking boots they offer but I wasn't sure if it SD and SD 13's fit Lishe. Thank you for your help.


    16. I'm not surprised your Asia needs hiking boots! :daisy
    17. The Ajumapama hiking boots are 3 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide at the widest part.

      They are great.
    18. Hi

      I'm trying to find some white boots for my Soo. I like a pair of white Luts boots but they are for boys. Anyone know how much bigger they will be? Would they be super clowny looking on her?

    19. I had a piccy somewhere of Sabrina (choa) snagging Micah's (chiwoo) boots from a group order to try before I sent them.. I didn't think they looked TOO bad, but the general ruling was yep they are too big, and looked quite clunky on her.
    20. Thanks a bunch - that's what I figured :( Too bad they don't make girl boots.