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Shoes for Dollmore Model girls? What fits?

Feb 10, 2007

    1. Can the model girls wear any of the dollheart shoes for girls? Anyone with any experience?

      I had a pair of dollheart sd13 girl shoes once and they were much too big for my Lishe, since model doll's feet are bigger, I was just curious.

    2. No, unfortunately. I had a pair of SD 13 shoes from Dollheart and they are not anywhere close to fitting, so I sold them. Her whole heel stuck out...It was a difference of at least an inch, so no way could they even be squeezed on.

      The models have huge feet.
    3. -_- Oh well, at least now I know
    4. Maybe the SD13 boy shoes would fit? The shoes fit my DOT Ducan. How big are the model's feet?
    5. SD13 boy shoes would fit. The ones for girls will not.
    6. Another size to look for is Unoss, which is as big as SD13 boy size, and also fits Models. My Bella Auden is wearing a pair of shoes made for Unoss right now.

    7. Oh, that's good to know. My Unoss hardly has any cool shoes to wear and my Bella A. has two pretty shoes she can borrow! :) Thanks for the tip.
    8. There is not a big choice of shoes for these dolls on Dollmore site and I quess regular SD sized shoes woulden't fit them. So I'm wondering if there are any other shoes which fit these ladies? If yes, where to search them? Thanks for any help!
    9. okay! Oh and I do believe Bella's feet will fit if you chop her toes off XD
    10. those shoes become rare now... you have YJ place to buy them :)
    11. That would work if you were doing a character from Roald Dahl's "The Witches"....

      Although maybe you can buy regular Dollmore Eve feet and try to put them on Bella & Co??
    12. Well, i have a question about shoes for Model Dolls.
      My Bella Auden isn't having any shoes at this moment, so I am searching for some nice shoes.

      Now I found these shoes from Luts:


      these are shoes for Senior Delf girls, and the inner shoes length is 8,2cm.
      Model Doll girls feets are 8cm long.
      So it should fit, shouldn't it?

      And the Luts Senior Delf boy shoes should fit without a problem, because their feets are 8cm long too, should'nt they?

      thank you for you help!
    13. I believe Senior Delf girls have high-heeled feet, so those shoes will be shaped to fit them. Models have flat feet; I don't know how Models' feet would sit in the high-heel-foot shoes, because I've never tried them. I'm sure someone here knows!

      Have you looked at Minoru World and LeekeWorld's SD13Boy/Unoss-sized shoes? Many of those have higher heels and are definitely styled for girls, but are the right size and shape for Model feet. Also, Dollmore does make shoes for the Models, including some nice high-heeled boots and dressy shoes (though I don't know what's in stock right now).

      Yes, the Senior Delf boy shoes will fit your Model, and so will Volks, DollHeart, and other brands of shoes for SD13-sized boys--my Bella Auden wears them all the time!
    14. I was wondering if there were any shoes other than pointed heels and knee-high boots for model doll girls.

      I'm looking for round-toed heels, flats, sandals, tennis shoes, sleepers, anything other than pointed hels and boots, I mean they're nice, but there has got to be more....right? o.o
    15. sd13 boy type shoes, and shoes made for Unoss will fit (see minoruworld)
    16. I'm planning on getting a Minimee and putting her head on a Model doll girl body. Can anybody tell me if Model dolls can waer regular SD13 girl sized shoes? I'll be spending alot of money on the Minimee project, and it would be great if I could cross shoes off the list of things I need to buy for her.
    17. Which shoes i could use?
      SD13 shoes or boots are small?
    18. According to the website they take size 8cm shoes, so anything that size or larger should fit them fine.