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Shoes for dolls - confusion

Aug 29, 2008

    1. Hi all,

      it might not be the right place to ask this question, if so, then I apologize in advance.

      So far I've only had SD dolls size 60cm... when I have been shopping shoes or boots for them, they've all had a certain length to them.

      Now I'm expecting my first MSD, and want to shop shoes and boots for her - but now I get confused because when I look for footwear for this size doll, all footwear are exactly same length as the footwear for SD dolls....

      What am I missing?

      Can you give me some advice, please?

      - Karina
    2. Uhh, the shoes for 43cm dolls I've had have definitely been much smaller than the shoes for 60cm dolls! I think in order to have any idea what's going on we'd have to know where you were looking at shoes. It's possible that there's an error in the information about the shoes or something... but really without more information I couldn't even speculate.
    3. I think I know where you're confused. MSD sized shoes will range from 55-60mm. That's a millimeter measurement for the size of the shoe, not the centimeter measurement for the height of the doll. The shoes generally come in two sizes for MSDs, a slimmer, shorter size for Unoas and similar, and the chubbier 60mm size for MSDs that are similar to Volks and Kid Delfs.

      I hope that helps.
    4. It would be very helpful if you told us what doll MSD you're getting since they are quite different in size.

      If it's a slim mature MSD like DollZone, Narea, Unoa, Lati Blue, Sould Kid there's a thread about shoos for Narae here.

      The same things about clothes. There's a big difference if your MSD is a slim mature doll or one that's supposed to be a 6 year old child.

    5. Hi ladies,

      thankyou for trying to help me, here is some more information:

      I'm getting beautiful Tatiana from Iplehouse - i've ordered her with small breast. There are no description on the site about how long and wide her feet are - i've asked on their Q&A board, but still no reply.
      here is her page:

      I've been looking on ebay for shoes for her, and i asked mimiwoo about the size thing too, she said that "please note the inner size is smaller" - but to me that would still look completely idiotic with shoes on 7 centimeters /2.8 inces, on the outerlength, to such a small doll.... then it doesn't matter that the innersize is smaller if the shoe still looks huge when looking at it...

      Maybe you can reccommend some better places to look for shoes and boots?

      - Karina
    6. You're probably going to be better off waiting for your doll to arrive before getting shoes.

      Once you've got her, you can make a better judgement about fit.

      My GUESS would be though that her foot would be similiar to the Unoa foot - and if you go to the thread that Dustbunnie pointed out, you'll find plenty of sites that have shoes. My Naraes have more shoes than I do because of that thread!!! :lol

    7. You may want to check how big the feet of your dolls because they may differnet, even the same height.
      My girl is a DOT, 60cm, her feet is 6.8MM.
      I think Luts girl is 6.7mm?
      And some dolls have 7.2-7.5mm.....

      Just ask the seller the size of the shoes before buying it.
    8. Hi girls,

      thank you. I think I'll just have to wait till she gets here, instead of buying shoes i can't use. Thank you for helping me , I really appreciate it big time.

      - karina