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Shoes for Dollstown 13B girls?

May 6, 2006

    1. Hie,

      I need to know the size of DT's Estella 13B body Feet size. It seem the different body have different sizes. Does anyone know the exact 13B body type feet size for shoes??

      A little confused on which size shoes she wears :...(

      thanks :)
    2. I had both B and C body type and the lenght of the foot is 6.7 cm. You have to be a little carefull with boots though, because Dollstown girls have 'sturdy' calves. I know -for excample- that Dollheart boots, won't fit their calves, unfortunatly!
    3. I have Dollheart boots (sd10 girls) and they are perfect on body B (and body c)
      For exemple, I have those:

      And those shoes: http://www.dollheart.com/shop/shoes/LS-110.jpg

      The only boots who are too small for body B and C: http://www.dollheart.com/shop/shoes/LS_169d1.jpg
    4. So, what shoes fit the 13girl Dollstown dolls??
    5. sorry, my post got moved, I didn't see this.
    6. I'm bumping this thread because I am posing the same question.

      Seriously!! What size shoes will fit? SD13, SD10..? I looked on Dollmore and I saw that the MSD-sized shoes are a decent length for a DT girl's foot (which is 6.7 cm), but I don't know anything about the width etc so I wouldn't want to make a gamble..
    7. bumping this back up
    8. Dale Rae makes some cute shoes in so many colors and styles and reasonably priced and they fit the bigger girls just fine.
    9. Hi hollyholly, I've just measured the width of my girl's foot and it's 2.5-2.6cm at the widest point. I actually have a pair of boots from Wamami on E-bay and they fit fine, perhaps even a little large.
      Hope this helps I'm a newbie myself and only had my DT 13 for a week so I'm not familiar with some of the terminology yet.