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Shoes for Domuya Flexi-Perennial?

Mar 6, 2008

    1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had advice as to what size/company fit Flexi-Perennials the best. I know there aren't a lot of us out there with Perennials, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

      I just bought shoes from Dollmore, measured at 8cm [presumably, at this point, the outside] and 7.2 [inside length], and even though my Ida is supposed to have 7.2cm feet, she doesn't fit either shoe *facepalm* (although the 7.2cm sneakers are close). Where do you guys get your girls shoes from?

      Also any advice re: the flexibility of their feet would be nice. I keep lusting after LUTS heels and not being sure if her toes would make the curve. She can bend her foot, but not so much that I'm positive she would fit a heel.
    2. I have the same problem of finding shoes for my fin too. The only shoes I got for her is a pair of doll heat boots that suppose for SD boy. Any body have any suggestion for heels or girly shoes
    3. Thanks guys! Looks like the Senior Delf or Model Doll shoes might be a go.

      I gave Regan (my Ida) another test run with the Converse, since I know their inside measurements. They're so, so close and yet don't fit. It's an issue of her toe joint liking to pop out a little bit as she stands, I think: the joint of the foot might add about another cm. Aside from that, it'd have to be painted on to be exactly the same size as her foot, and shoes just don't do that.

      I guess 7.5 or 8cm inside-length shoes would probably be better.
    4. I just recieve a Saisha, and i am not sure if this helps, but she can wear my Luts heels... I have two pair of heels that fit her. The white patent with the ankle strap, as well as the white and black oxford pumps.
      Sadly she cannot wear my souldoll shoes, but my Magic Taylor buckle slingbacks seem to be fitting her well.

      I hope this helps someone. I will update as i get her more shoes.
    5. My Finn only wears Luts shoes for Senior Delf, their girl shoes are fantastic!
    6. I have a Fin and the SD shoes I carry on my website fit her perfectly! They were sized to fit the Elfdoll ladies whose foot is 7.5cm long. :)
    7. For my Fin I have a pair of Senior Delf high heels that fit well, and a pair of Dollmore Model girl shoes that are an extremely tight fit, they're a bit small actually.
      I tried other shoes: Yibi girls boots fit, as does a pair of Dollheart SD13 highheel shoes. Magic Taylor sneakers do not fit.
      Hope that helps! :daisy
    8. I have a pair of black Model Doll high heels that fit my Fin very well. (maybe a smidge big) The heels are quite high and they are beautiful shoes. Her ankles get a bit wobbly with them on, but otherwise they are great.

      it's these shoes
    9. I love your shoes! My Audrey Fin is wearing some right now. They're perfect!

    11. A lot of people think that Fin has bigger feet than the SD dolls - but she doesn't. She is just so tall! LOL
    12. My Faith has been shoeless because the boots I bought don't fit. I then found a pair of black lace-up with very thick soles, but they look like clown shoes on her. I guess because her legs are so long and thin. Should I look for shoes that are actually a couple of cm longer than the foot measurement?
    13. What about Unilook's clothing/shoes? Would they fit?
    14. As far as the shoes go it would depend on the foot size. The SD shoes I have are sized for a 75mm foot, the MSD size for a 55mm foot and the Model size for an 86mm foot.
    15. On my domya boy I have put on sunnys boots which are for the 8.5mm size and they fit a treat. I bought them on ebay sunny is boggie0909 and the boots slipped on really well. The sd13 shoes sunny sells are also quite generous in size. these are the boots my boy has they are 8.5mm and from sunnys sd13 range
      The domya girls I have been told have the same size shoe as elfdoll girls, but I have not got a domya girl that was told to me by a friend who has.