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Shoes for Dream of Teen girls (DoT)

Feb 3, 2006

    1. Hello,

      Since search functiun seamed useless for me in this case, Can Shall owners tell me what shoes size I must take for Shall, if you oredered some shoes that fit her, can you tell me where to buy them ?

      Thank you
    2. Some shoes for SD and SD13 sized girls will fit her. I have some Luts Delf sized shoes that work for her.

      I think her foot is only like 1 or 2 mm bigger than a Delf foot, so just about all of the Luts shoes should fit her (in theory).
    3. one pair of Luts shoe didn't fit my Shall...the Lolita platformed one...sob...i found it really dissapointing since it seemed to be a great pair..~_~

      if you're looking for sneakers..I got one from ebay(the one that costs around $8 , i think)..and it fitted my Shall pretty well!^.^
    4. Oooh, would you be kind enough to take a quick pic of those shoes that did fit her? (or at least tell us the item/style name?) That way we'll know for sure on at least a pair or two. Thanks a bunch,

    5. The Luts Sweet Floret shoes fit. They come in several colors...those are the only ones I know off the top of my head.
    6. [​IMG]
      The first pair of shoes I got for my Shall.. Luts Tetra mid high boots!^_^ They fit pretty good!

      Then another one that did fit was Luts Chic Strap!^_^

      Luts Lolita High Heel : Stay away from these ones..they don't fit.. :(
    7. Thanks so much everyone! Maybe this post can be a guide for us Shall owners.

      Luts "Tetra Mid Boots"
      Luts "Chic Strap"
      Luts "Sweet Floret"
      Low top Sneakers with Star design (like Converse) from mimiwoo on ebay (http://stores.ebay.com/Mimi-Collection)
      Poshdolls Knee-High Lace-up Boots
      Leekeworld Knee-High Boots: LS-019_Black_SD

      Luts "Lolita High Heel"
    8. Has anyone tried some Posh Dolls shoes yet?
    9. I have a pair of Posh doll Babettes here, and a Shall doll ordered ^_^ Let you know in a week... a month? ^_^
    10. Those shoes fit her well: LS-019_Black_SD


      They reach her knees, but she can't stand with them on (well, at least I couldn't make her stand, but it's my first BJD, so I need some practice with positioning).
    11. Keep 'em comin', people....let's try to get a good long list for us DoT girl owners
    12. I have these (http://www.sunrisedolls.com/store/poshs32.html) on my Shall at the moment. I had to tighten the straps way up, but she also isn't wearing any socks or anything, so that would probably help. Other than that they're fine.
    13. Hello,

      I wanted to know if Volks SD13 girl clothing would fit DOT girls body ? If not does anyone know what makes a good fit for DOD/DOT girls ?:?

    14. I'm quite curious about this myself. There's a beautiful dress at Doll Heart that's captivated me, but I think DoT girls have a bit more bosom then the dress will allow. O.o
    15. Yes, SD13 clothing fits DOT girls. I was worried about SD13 pants not fitting my girl, but even those fit just fine. You shouldn't have any problems with that. ^_^
    16. DOT girls aren't as busty as Elf doll girls, My Shall fits dollmore clothes nicely, not sure about Volks stuff though
    17. I have the Blueberry and Kala outfits and it fits Shall just fine! It's a tad big in the waist, but it has a sash, so you can't really tell. The bust fits just fine. BTW, the Blueberry outfit fit the Elf doll Soah as well, and she is definitely bustier than Shall. :-)

      I love Dollheart's clothes. THey are so well made - definitely worth the money!
    18. I had gotten a pair of shoes for my Cypress (tender shall) that were Luts shoes (Chic shoes) and they didn't fit because of her wide feet. Fortunately, the doll I'm working on for my friend would. But I did hear some Luts shoes fits. The thing to consider when getting shoes is that you'll want wide styled or wide toed shoes. I found that some sites offer measurements of the shoes so those are good to go on. You'll want the one thats a little wider than the actual foot.