Shoes for Elfdoll Rainy girls?

Oct 26, 2005

    1. I was wondering if anyone knows of good places for shoes that will fit Soah or Ryung?The girls seem to have bigger feet than most. I have some that I got from Elaine from Poshdolls but want a wider selection, and not too gothic. Can anyone help I have one girl here who only has one pair of shoes and another girl on the way who will need some.
    2. I recently received 2 pairs of shoes for my Soah from Dollheart and they fit wonderfully! ^_~ I'lll have to try my SD10 Michael's Boots on her and see how they fit, now that you mention boots!
    3. I got a pair of the poshdolls pumps for my Soah, and they were too small - darn! - but the Lolita-ish platform Mary Janes I got her in the same order fit. However, the BEST pair of shoes I've gotten for her are the 'Mars' boots from Dolheart - in the same line as the 'Saturn' and 'Jupiter' ones. They're INCREDIBLE.
    4. I have 4 pairs of dollheart shoes that all fit Soah perfectly.
      Their SD10 and SD13 size shoes should fit.
      I am waiting for them to put some more boots up.
    5. I've found a lot more boots that fit Nan, my Ryung, than shoes.

      She's got the platform shoes & big buckly boots from Poshdolls, and their lace-up the front boots; her heels don't actually touch the soul in the white lacing boots, but the boots zip up fine & she looks good in them.

      DollHeart boots look & fit quite nicely. The only Doll Heart shoes I have are much too small for Ryung.

      If Nan is in the mood to kick some . . . clods of earth, she often wears Luts boy boots, which she can wear with thick socks.

      Ann in CT
    6. I tried searching for elfdolls, but couldn't come up with anything...anyway... I have my first *big* BJD on preorder, Sooah from Elfdoll! :D :D I want to get some clothes ready for her when she arrives, but I wasn't sure what type of shoes she has. Those of you with Ryung or Soah...does she have flat feet or high-heel feet? Size? Suggestions? Thanks for any advice!! :)
    7. I have a ryung. She fits into SD/SD13 shoes. Her feet ARE bigger than most other girl bjds, and I do have boots for her that are luts boy boots; they are a little big though.

      There are a couple kinds of my girl shoes that she didn't fit into; for example, poshdoll's low heel tap shoes, they come in silver/bronze/black - they are too pointy, she doesn't fit into those. but she fits into about 99% of the other girl shoes that I've gotten for my OTHER girls.

    8. This question plagues a lot of Rainy owners. We have a file folder in the Ryung-Soah Yahoo Group that shows pictures of various shoes on a Rainy dolls foot along with comments about fit for each. You might want to check that out. It is a growing collection.

      Standard dolls have flat feet. There are several nice high heeled shoes that fit them though and you can see them in the folder. Elfdoll does make what they call a high heeled foot but this is a foot with a painted pump molded to it. Most owners are replacing these as they are too small compared to the dolls normal feet.

      An exclusive site for Rainy Dolls
    9. On the Luts site would fit an Elfdoll Soah?

      Would DELF fit? Or would only the 13's fit? Also. Can boy shoes go on girls? Because boys shoes are hot XD
    10. Our Yahoo group has an entire folder in our files section with pictures of shoes on the Rainy dolls (Ryung, Soah and Sooah all have the same size feet) along with comments of their fit. Suggest you visit. We would be glad to help as we specialize in these girls.
    11. Thanks! *hops on over there*
    12. My friend is looking for shoes that fit her beautiful Soah. What shoes fit? Also, she found a US distriputor for Elfdoll, but lost the link. If anyone can direct us to it ... that would be wonderful. Thank you very much.

      Sorry, Mystic. I am just too impatient. :sweat
    13. Janis at distributes Elfdolls. You can get great shoes from Elfdoll, and Soah should be able to wear most SD sized shoes. I have Wu, Sooah, and the three Monnaemi sisters and couldn't be happier with Elfdoll products.
    14. Thank you very much.

      I am planning on ordering from Luts soon, and my friend wanted to order with me. Do you know what type of shoes would fit Soah from the Luts sight?
    15. My Ryung, Nan, can't wear most SD sized shoes, as she has rather large feet. I have her in boots mostly.
      She can wear Dollheart boots, but not the shoes I have (slightly tall heeled lace-ups).

      Poshdolls, same deal, except the criss-cross platform shoes that Elaine has listed as fitting Elfdoll/Rainy Dolls; the tall boots (the only ones I have) can go onto Nan & zip up & look fine, but Nan's heel isn't actually touching the sole. The shoes are too small, which is a shame, since I have several of them.

      Fortunately, my girl likes to hike, so I have an assortment of Delf boots sold for their boys. :)

      The Ryung_Soah group on yahoo groups has a listing in their files of which shoes fit the 60 cm girls, with pictures.

      Ann in CT
    16. Thank you so much!
    17. I have an elfdoll Soah...
      I saw the perfect musedoll shoes, but I can't find their measurements anywhere, and I don't want to buy them if they're not gonna fit.

      can anyone help me?

      Thanks so much!