Shoes for elfdoll

Jan 5, 2006

    1. Many of you have 'jelly' shoes for their elfdoll. Where can I buy it ?
      Is there any other shoes that fit (jenny, pullip, blythe maybe) ?

      Thanks a lot ^^
    2. The jellies are usually from a Kelly doll...Barbie's little sister. I think the shoes for Tommy, kelly's little friend, fit the best. I find the jelly shoes a little tight, but they do fit.

      Nope on the barbie, jenny, or any other 1/6 doll. They are WAY too big...
    3. They are by Mattel, the maker of Barbie, but they're made for Kelly, Barbie's kid sister. Kelly is called Shelly in the UK, and shoes are included with her outfits. I'm not sure if you have her in France....?

    4. I see Ebay France has only a few Kelly items but there is a 4-Kelly giftset I see with no reserve at 1 Euro. I don't think that has any Jellies but it looks like it has 4 cute outfits, 3 with shoes.

      Elfdolls can wear some Kelly clothes but slacks and desses are shorter on Elfdolls.

    5. We have Shelly in France too, but she is not really popular (so there is just a few stuff). I will seek in toys stores, thanks ^^

      I find a new shelly doll :

      Have anyone ever tested if the shoes are always the same size ?
    6. Shelly should be the same size unless your French ones are different from the US ones.

      Many of the US shoe/accessory sets say Shelly instead of Kelly.

    7. I'm so happy ! I found the outfit I love just in my supermarcket ! It's the little dress with the orange jelly shoes (someone have this one but I don't remerber who...).

      Thanks for all :D

      I also saw lil'bratz.. they look like quite similar for the clothing, have someone tested ?
    8. tiny bratz girls soooo don't fit... baby bratz tinies stuff fits, but is awefully short...some of tiny bratz boys fits but I havent' seen there stuff in stores for an awefully long time...
    9. Wow - "Shelly" looks like a skinny Kelly with a giant head - the body looks like it is a little more in proportion to an elfdoll. Kelly's socks fit well too - just a little baggy - and they go well with Tommy sandals though I wish they came in pink...

      My toy'R Us still have tiny bratz boys though they are going to awful, some with chest ruffles, clothes
    10. There are Kellys here that look like's the Sweetsville line, not-nicely known as "lemonheads" amongst my toy collector group <G>. I've had my eyes out for them to see if the elfdolls will fit their pants, but no luck (there weren't ANY holiday Kellys this year).

      No boy tiny Bratz out here either...least not in San Diego. The baby Bratz tops fit widthwise, but they're pretty short. The leggings fit fine, and Nissa has a tiny Bratz coat that fits her well.
    11. Do the Sweetsville Shelly shoes fit your Elfdoll?

    12. Well, once I find one, I'll let everyone know :)

      I've actually not had problems with the Kelly shoes, even the non-jellys. They seem to fit well enough.
    13. I also want to know if any other doll's shoes would fit them, and which kind of doll's, thanks
    14. There are some accessory unpainted resin feet that can be purchased from Elfdoll. There are high heel feet, and high heavy boot feet (whole calf), and I think maryjanes feet.

      One owner made tiny little S-hooks and posted pictures here showing how they could be used to make the accessory feet more easily replaceable.

    15. I have my Monnaemi sisters (same foot size as the Elf girls) wearing the Sweetsville jelly style shoes. They are a tiny bit tight but do work.

    16. Woohoo - that was me! I do have some awful pictures.

      She's sporting Tommy sandals though right now in her normal feet - I need to adjust her wiring since she looks like she has to go to the bathroom...

      I still haven't tackled the boots yet though - my sister has though...(margarita_rosa)
    17. should post pictures of your little suede boots!! The pic I have of Nissa doesn't show them as well as your original picture.
    18. Heidi Ott dollhouse lady shoes fit elfdolls. They are just a bit tight, but they are made from a rubbery plastic that stretches a little. You can get them from ebay or online miniature stores. I have them in leopard print, black, white, and red, and there is a turquoise pair and possibly other colors. They have a medium heel and look very cute.
    19. I got some, and they are great! There are also "wearable" Heidi Ott lingerie...the bras are too big, but the panties are okay and so are the negligees (though you might have to take the straps in a teeny bit). I plan to get more!

    20. Any links to Heide Ott stuff