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shoes for I-Doll? (+ clothes)

Aug 20, 2010

    1. so today i received my first BJD, an I-Doll Alice (arrival post forthcoming), and i am utterly ecstatic. however, some problems have arose that i didn't see coming. .__.; my biggest issue currently is her feet; they are LARGE. i compared them to my friend's Iplehouse EID girl, and the size difference is rather astounding not only in length, but in height also. so i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some shoes, both normal and high-heeled, that could fit her abnormally large feet? xD; any recommendations for brands of clothing that may fit would also be greatly appreciated. i apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this in. thanks for reading!
    2. I'm interested as well. I've been curious for a while since they seem like in between sized dolls.
    3. Did you try the Dollmore Model F shoes? Aside from something more specific like boots (that only zip up), the flats and heels would probably fit I-Doll girls really well. I also have Dale Rae shoes (meant for Model Fs and purchased from Denver Doll Emporium) that fit both the high heel and flat feet. As for clothing, my gal fits clothing meant for Dollmore Model Fs quite well. She also will fit anything with some stretch in it (whether it be dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, etc).
    4. thanks so much for the recommendations! i'll definitely be ordering from dollmore and dale rae soon :> do you know if soom super gem clothing would be any good?

      alice - <3
    5. I've pulled from an assortment of sizes for Randi, my I-Doll Arnoah (I also have Byul and Alice floating heads). Yes, most stretchy stuff for The Dollmore model girls works well, and so do some outfits made for Iplehouse EID and Domuya Perennial girls (the original, taller Perennial body.)

      This EID outfit fits her nearly perfectly:


      Even some SD13 BOY clothing may fit. I have successfully used a pair of jeans made for taller SD13 boys on my I-Doll girl. She might need a belt, but the hips were a good fit and the length was just right. I am hopeful that the Iplehouse SID fashions may fit her as well, but haven't had the opportunity to order and try any quite yet.

      I can second the suggestion of Dale Rae shoes and DM model shoes and boots. Great fit on the I-doll girls' very large feet, both length and width are good. Dale Rae's heels are low enough that you don't NEED the high heeled feet to use them, although you can certainly change them if you want. Again, some shoes for SD13 boy and even Hound will work for her as well, although the styles may not suit you. I bought SD13 sneakers and canvas "Vans" and the same ones that fit my SD13 boys fit her nicely.

      I am hopeful that the Iplehouse SID clothing may fit her, too, but have not yet had the chance to order and try any.


      You can also try custom orders; some doll clothing makers are able to work from measurements.

      One word of warning: shoes that fit EID may very well NOT fit I-Doll girls. The I-Doll's feet are 1/2cm longer and wider at the toe.
    6. thanks for the multitude of information, jill! <3 i was unsure if EID clothes would fit her, as their shoulders are broader than that of I-Doll bodies, but i'll be sure to give 'em a try!
    7. Breena -- I think that I-Dolls have curvier hips, thighs, and calves. But, I think if it's dresses or tops with stretch in them, then they can fit a range of different outfits. I don't have any Super Gem girls to compare unfortunately though.