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Shoes for Unidoll Real (Jace, Ark, Feanor)?

Feb 19, 2008

    1. I’m desperately looking for shoes for Feanor. He has huge feet, nothing seems
      to fit. :...(

      I’d appreciate your advice which shoes fit surely. Thank you.
    2. Hound size shoes usually do the trick. You can find them at Luts & Iplehouse among other places. Hope that helps :)
    3. I've had good luck with Volks SD16 shoes. I actually put Yukinojo's boots on my Jace and gave Yukinojo the Unidoll boots I bought for Jace. I couldn't even get the Unidoll shoes on Jace! I haven't tried any of the Hound shoes I have because they looked too narrow.
    4. I have been told that Ark's shoes fit Jace. Oh boy I hope so, since I'm buying some for my incoming Jace.
    5. Try mecha angel or model man shoes. Both were absolutely ginormous when I had them. They are even cross posted for sale on the Soom and Dollmore websites.

      Ark and Jace and Feanor share the same body since they are all Unidoll Real types. So any shoes or clothes for one will fit the others.

      I took one look at the Unidoll Real body and knew I did not want to try buying shoes for those feet, and out the door he went.
    6. I have the Luts ones that are sold on the Unidoll site or on the Luts site for Senior Delf. They fit well though are snug with socks. You can see them on him in this picture. He has socks on underneath. The good part about these boots is not only that they have the zipper but also that they have those laces on the sides so you can get them on a little easier and then tighten up the laces after.

      I've tried on some boots that fit my Hound and they are too tight on Ark.
    7. I have bought Dollmore model man footwear for my Jace Kazimir, they have some really nice loafers and boots. So far all of those have fit him. Don't know about Dollshe size shoes, I would be careful about the calf of boots because Unidolls are not as slim as Dollshes. Hope that helps.
    8. I've also heard that some SD13 shoes will fit them. I've just got some from dolls and friends, so I'm going to see how well they actually fit. Oh, and if you're looking for some pretty nice gothy boots, check Tata's Paradise. I got the 1/3 boots with the silver crosses, and I love them. They're a bit big on my Ark, but they look good. (And really, they're not going to be doing much walking in them, right? XD)
    9. The thing with the Jace feet is that they are WIDER than most feet. DS shoes are long, but often not wide enough.
    10. Exactly. *_*
    11. Senior Delf shoes fit..I bought boots for my Ark.