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Shoes for UNOA at LUTS!!!!!!!

Jul 12, 2005

    1. I just noticed they added a section to their shoes.
      "SHOES FOR UNOA"...not sure it's been said here yet but I thought many of you would be interested in it! :grin:


    2. Those shoes are from weething.net, which is shop for U-noa in Korea.
    3. so... the unoas have the same foot size as lut´s guys or what?
      already made a mistaken shoes purchase for my Lishe and would rather not repeat it :oops:
    4. Eeek no. Unoa are MSD size. There's no way their shoes would fit an SD.
    5. Shoe Heaven!!
      I think Im developing an unhealthy shoe obsession
      those are fab !
    6. Are there any other dolls that do have similar foot size to a Unoa, like would their shoes be likely to fit SDCs or anything?

      Just curious; I don't have a Unoa, but am drooling here. Especially the "Holy" shoes are so cute! :grin:
    7. Sharmin, I believe.
    8. Over in the Mini forum someone said they'd fit DOD feet as well because DOD shoes fit Unoa well. Is this true? I really want those black high heels. :chibi
    9. YES DOD shoes fit unoa for sure, I have DOD and they fit my unoa great.
    10. Um, that's slightly illogical. Just cos DoD shoes fit Unoa, doesn't mean Unoa shoes will fit DoD...for instance, if DoD feet are larger than Unoa, DoD shoes would fit Unoa feet, but not vice versa. I've always heard that DoD feet are just a touch smaller than MSD.

      Has anyone actually tried putting a DoD into actual made-for-Unoa shoes?

      On the other hand, if DoD really CAN wear those little ribboned slip-ons and the winged shoes...I'm jealous! XD;;
    11. But do your Unoa shoes fit your DOD?
    12. Yeah that's why I was asking. Cause I really want those black high heels but I don't want to get them and find out they don't fit.
    13. Well you better ask the question are DOD feet longer than unoa in the mini area!

    14. Ogosh, same here for the Holy Shoes!!
    15. Yes this was posted in the Mini section we've been drewling all over did you see the hats!!


      ^_^...I got myself a pair too!!
    16. oh i didn't think to check the MINI section as it was a news to me so...i thought the news section was the best choice to post it... sorry it's a repeat. *_*
    17. It's definately needed here too in the NEWS!

    18. thank you :D

      i'm always "paranoid" to do something against the rules of the forum.
    19. Yeh me too.


      But new shop stuff is a must here in the news :wink:
    20. :wink: :D