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Shoes for Unoss? x__X;;

Jan 19, 2005

    1. My girl has Big Feet. So big in fact, that SD boy shoes do not fit her, and I am not sure SD13 boy shoes would.

      Please, tell me what brands/sizes of shoe will fit her. And she's not a tomboy... ;_;
    2. It has been said by those who play host to the Unoss, that Aika and Seina can indeed wear SD13 boy shoes, and likewise also their pants.

      - Therese
    3. Check out Minoru's website- http://minoruworld.net/
      I think they pretty much sell all their shoes in various sizes, including SD13 boys. Good luck.
    4. You can buy shoes for Unoss from Minoruworld. I bought my Unoss the 2xheel shoes and the ballerina C type shoes. Here is a pic of the Ballerina C type shoes on my Unoss(Lillandra)


      Dee :daisy
    5. I keep seeing comments that Unoss can wear SD13 shoes. No way. My Aika's feet are so much bigger than my Isao. Maybe an older version of SD13?

      Has anyone changed the feet or hands on their Unoss? Will the older (non pureskin) feet fit her? I'm looking at the hook setup on Isao's feet and it's different than Aika's. she has feet like the CP dolls with hooks on the hands and feet. Isao has the hook inside the wrist/ankle and an "eye" on the hand/foot.

      any info on this would really be appreciated.
    6. I wish I could help you further...!

      I can tell you that SD13 boy's feet has not changed in size though. But I cant say for sure whether Unoss and SD13 hav ethe same feet,...! I really dont know! :(!

      I feel your Unoss' pain... as I'm a tall lady with very large feet (women's size 12 in usa sizes...!) so I know how it goes. I wish you luck and I wish that I had more information to help you!
    7. Try the CustomHouse boy shoes.
      Bastion has enormous feet, and the CH shoes that I bought for him are too big!
      Also, I think it was Zoi no Miko who said that the SoulDoll boy's feet are even bigger than the HC boy's feet, so you could go with SoulDoll boy shoes too.
    8. I have some old style feet...I will try changing out my Unoss feet tomorrow on my day off, and I will post the results. I thought about shaving her feet down a bit, but decided against it...the resin in one part of her foot is thin (like it had a bubble in it) , and I don't want to leave a gaping hole there! :oops:

    9. oh, that's really nice of you. I'll check back and see if you had any luck.

      thanks Aimee and Astro. Aimee, I've seen pics of you, and you are very pretty. as for me, I've had a lifetime of comments like "You're just like a little doll." "Oh, you're so tiny!" and just two weeks ago, "Well, look at you, you're Tinkerbell."

      I made ballet shoes for my dance dolls that I sell, so I think I'm going to make some slippers for my dolls, starting with Unoss. something pretty to go with her Juni Hitoe and Chima Joegori traditional costumes. she's going to be part of my AlienHeart story as a mystical being.

      then I think I'll make some Elven fantasy shoes and boots. and Unoa shoes. like I need more work! I'll share any success I may have. I mean, after 16" fashion doll pointe shoes, "dollfie" shoes can't be too hard. (gulp)
    10. Aimee is pretty. :nodnod:

      I'm hoping I can win an U-Noss today. :crosses fingers: Wish me luck!
      If I get her, I'll definately test out shoes on her.
    11. If you are referring to Sherry's Unoss on eBay, I find it slightly amusing that Sherry had named her "Astra". Sounds like you are bound to win her. Remember she is worth a lot more than the current bid, so put your final bid in as late as you can, and make it as high as you feel you can allow yourself to pay.

      - Therese
    12. You were right. I did win her!
      I'm so happy!

      I'm hoping I can manage to wedge her feet into a pair of Ajumapama shoes... I can get Bastion's in... So I'm hoping hers will fit.
    13. Congratulations, Astro!!

      - Therese
    14. Thank you!
      I'm so excited that I can't sleep tonight! *_*
    15. Yay! I'm so happy for you Astro. I saw the auction and hoped that was you on the winning bid.

      It's hard to find Unoss with her sculpted eyebrows and lashes. Are you going to repaint her or keep the faceup she has? I couldn't really tell which of the two dolls in the picture was on auction. They're both gorgeous.

      Good luck with shoes. Oddly enough,even Bermann's feet (will he ever get on that plane and make his way to my house?) are smaller than Unoss!
    16. Thank you! Everyone's been so happy for me!

      I really don't know if I'm going to do anything to her faceup yet or not. I believe I'll have to wait until I see her.

      I thought that there were two U-Noss in that bottom picture!
      They're so gorgeous! I can't wait until I get my girl!

      I'll do everything I can to find shoes that'll fit her.
      Is anyone familliar with those "My Twinn" dolls?
      I just realized that they have HUGE feet and that their shoes might fit! I think I have a pair of their shoes lying around... I'll have to test that.
    17. Congrats, Astro! :grin:

      Well, my experiment wasn't much of a success. On the Unoss, the ankle ball is attached to the leg, while old style SD feet have the ball attached to the foot. With just casual pressure, I wasn't able to separate the foot and ball on the old-style feet. Unoss feet are made more like Luts feet. Of course, the ball on the Luts body is VERY small in comparison, so the indentation on the top of the foot does not accomodate the Unoss ankle joint. If I had an extra set of old feet I would try harder to break the ankle ball off, but I don't want to leave one of my girls with crutches! :oops:
    18. Hi! Can anyone offer forth what shoes their Unoss wears?
      Thanks! (My Aika from sweet Darkofthemoon should be here today!)

      Laurie :grin:
    19. From what I understand, CustomHouse boy shoes fit U-noss pretty well.
    20. Customhouse boy, Doll Heart boy and Minoru World shoes all fit.

      Hope this helps!