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shoes from jessicadolls/jessicahu on ebay, do they fit slim MSD sized feet?

Apr 2, 2007

    1. Does anyone have experience with Unoa/MNF/Narae sized feet and these shoes? http://stores.ebay.com/jessicadolls The sandals are perfect for what I'm looking for. . . I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.

      Also she has a listing for boots that fit the American Model Tonner dolls/DOD. does anyone know if she means DoC or something else? I saw on one of the Narae/Narin threads that Narae can wear AM doll shoes with some stretching or pulling, but these have zippers. :love

      Thanks for your help!
    2. I don't have experience with that particular sizes of shoes from this seller. However, I have purchased SD and MSD sized shoes from her. I was impressed with the quality, and the price. If you ask the seller a question via that option on eBay, I'm sure should would get back to you. She's very nice to deal with and ships quickly.

    3. Oh! I've bought a pair a boots from them for my DOC Too (My H. Ivan wares them also) and they fit well. I just have to loosen them and be carefull of the zipper because my kiddos ware thick stockings and pants under the boots most of the time. The zipper on one boot brakes a lot, but it's usually my fault. I'm really hard on shoes. ^^;

      I love the boots though. I got the black knee high ones with chains, straps and a cross on one. Oooh, they're so smexy. X3 My boys argue over them, LOL.
    4. I did email her, I'll let everyone know what she says when she gets back to me. I think she's on this board too.
    5. I asked her a question several months ago (via Ebay) about one of her products on Ebay and she never replied. Needless to say, I did'nt buy from her.