Shoes that fit DikaDolls

Jan 30, 2017

    1. I currently have a DikaDoll Rose on layaway at the moment and I wanted to buy shoes for her, but I noticed that her feet are so tiny!! They're only 5cm! I've been looking around trying to find shoes, but the smallest I've been finding for an inside length are 6cm. I realize that dolls need a certain amount of foot space in order for the foot to slip in and out and for the ankle joint to move, but a whole 10mm larger is really excessive, especially if I'm not planning on giving my girl socks.

      So does anyone know where to buy shoes that tend to run a bit small? Anything between 5.3-5.9cm will do. ;v;
    2. hello!! I own a dikadoll Mudan... this was also a big concern for me as well. I ended up buying some bunnynine size sneakers at 6cm and.... what a struggle!!! I can barely squeeze her in them... make sure you look at INSIDE shoe measurements!! honestly depends on what kind of shoes youre getting... for open shoes and sandals or maybe even zip up shoes smaller sizes should be fine... things like boots dont really make a difference?? I've got her in some boots that are pretty big I was worried they'd look silly like clown shoes but they dont look so bad ^__^

      images of some of my shoes!! withoyt socks the bunny nine sneakers go on a little easier... would definitely recommend having a look at that line over at nine9style!! the red sandals are obviously too big... 6.5cm I knew it was a risk but I wanted to try anyway.... and lastly her boots which are... 7cm!!!! they are pretty ridiculously big but its hard to find cute boots in smaller sizes...
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    3. I have a Mirodoll with the same size feet and it is so frustrating trying to find shoes! I have found that shoes meant for 14" Kish "chrysalis" dolls fit nicely and are readily found on ebay, but the styles are rather limited. Palomisca is right about finding boots, unless you like the heavy-soled kind with loads of straps, chains, bows, etc.