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Shoes that fit Iplehouse boys?

Jun 27, 2006

    1. So when I ordered Michael (Soo Ri) I bought the full set meaning he came with clothing/shoes. Michael has since informed me that while he likes the boots, he wanted a pair of sneakers. Since I was already buying Sam some new sneakers with the Dollmore order, I ordered a nice pair for Michael too.

      Well the order got here, but the SD shoes don't fit! No matter how I try the shoes are just too small and I cannot get them on Michael. I even put a tiny chip in Michael's knee when his knee popped out of joint - I'm so sorry my darling!

      So my question is, should I opt for the SD-13 size shoes as related to SD (is there a difference?) Any help would be appreciated!
    2. Actually sneakers i ordered from Dollmore fits pretty well to my SooRi XD...
      I made a mistake at first and ordered girl-sized sneakers It was saying SD SIZE...So i didn't read the rest of it...But it was only for SD girls...Most of the SD sneakers and shoes only for girls...I was very dissapointed when they didn't fit...
      But those sneakers fit pretty well...Lol XD
    3. I bought a pair of SD-sized boots from dollmore for my Soo Ri and they wouldn't fit on his feet no matter how hard I tried either. I was finally able to fit them on my Kun's feet though, but that was a struggle too.

      Anyway ... I had the same question. Should I have bought the Hound size for him instead?
    4. I have no experience with Hound sized sneakers, but Hound sized Poshdolls shoes and boots fit my Lion ok. They're a bit loose, but they're not a struggle to get on and since his legs are so long, they look a bit more proportional. I think more snugly fitting shoes make him look like he has tiny feet -_-;
    5. You know, that's probably what I did - ordered girl shoes for my boy. I didn't pay attention, I just saw how nice the shoes were and they were SD size! Ah well, we live and learn. Next time, I'm going with Hound size shoes.
    6. My Soo Ri wears SD13/Hound shoes. They are a little long but they also help stabilize him when standing.

      SD shoes are definitely too small. I got some great JPop sneakers and his big boat feet cannot fit into them at all. I put them on my DZ Megi and they fit him!

      I seem to pick dolls with big feet...
    7. How about Senior delf shoes from LUTS? They have such a lovely selection and I was wondering if they might fit ok on an Iplehouse doll?

      I think I read somewhere that they were too big and needed stuffing, any thoughts? ^__^
    8. Most of the cool sneakers you see on ebay don't fit most boy feet. Girl feet fine. Magic Tailor has some regular shoes that fit. When you ask someone for the measurements of the shoe they're selling, ask for the INSIDE length. Most measurements given are the outside length, which doesn't take into consideration seam, thickness of top, etc. Inside length is better, and inside length that's a bit bigger than your boy's feet is even better. (Try finding shoes on the second-hand market for a Sasquatch-footed Souldoll boy! Yikes.)
    9. Senior Delf shoes should fit, but that'll depend on the inside length. If it's 9cm or more, I think it'll fit perfectly fine without being stuff. :)

      This shoes (New York) worn with socks fitted my boy quite well:
    10. Is it alright for me to resurrect this thread with a question? :sweat For I was looking around at shoes and found some nice ones on Iplehouse, and darned if searching just barely missed my question. (At least, I think so-- correct me if I'm wrong.) So, in lieu of creating a new thread.... I hope I'm doing the right thing.


      What I would like to know is-- Will these shoes fit an SD10 girl, with or without high-heeled foot parts? I've just fallen in love with them, and can't seem to find their exact measurements. It does say 'SD' there, but shoe sizes vary and if I ever decide to get them I'd like to be absolutely certain...

      If there's anyone who knows the measurements or has the shoes and can help me out with this, please do! And sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm still relatively new and terrified of messing up with $55 doll boots. ^^;
    11. Well, I realize it's going into the wrong season for sandals, but I accidentally found out that the AOD sandals being sold on ebay (for their girls) actually do fit the IP boy feet just fine. They have black and white, and others, and several styles, so you don't have to go for pink lace-ups like my crossdressing Soo-ri recently did. This may mean that the AOD closed shoes might fit well too.

      (Ignore the dialogue from the photostory he's in! Won't make sense to anyone out-of-context anyway!)

    12. Since this is an older tread i dont konw if anyone is still interested,

      When I bought my Ryushin, I also bought Iplehouse shoes, which where sold out. Iplehouse sent me an almost identical replacement pair. This pair of shoes clearly states "Leekeworld" on the inside. The shoes are well made, fit very well and make him stand great.
    13. I hope no one minds me reviving this thread but I guess this is better then starting a new one. Has anyone purchased the Dollmore “Love sneakers” for their IH boy? Dollore claims these large enough to fit a model doll female or an SD boy. The measurements are length 9cm, width 3cm, but I’m not sure if that is an inside measurement or an external one.
      Thanks to anyone who can help.