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Shoes that fit Littlefee?

Oct 5, 2009

    1. Alrighty, I don't start threads often, and I made sure to look around for one already on this topic, so if I missed it I'm really sorry!!

      I found that Yo-SD shoes are often too big for my littlefee, and I was wondering if anyone knew what other shoes might fit him aside from the ones straight from the company, or of any other solution!

      Thank you in advance!
    2. Try here? I was told (by a LTF-owning friend) that the 38mm flats will fit perfectly without socks. I bought two pairs myself, but won't know firsthand until she arrives. :P Maybe try a pair, and remove the bows if you don't want him to be too girly? Or try the 'sporty' sneakers - I'd imagine they fit well, being the same size. :)
    3. Bitty Bethany shoes fit and so do Ann Estelle shoes.
    4. The Boneka Mary Janes size 42N fit perfectly with regular weight socks. My Ante is shown wearing her red ones in this photo I took this morning:


      I've bought mine from a web site called Let's Play Dolls which is in California, so no overseas shipping involved. They also have a couple of other dressy styles, but no tennies or boots in this size.
    5. Try Monique's Mary Janes, size 37mm/16mm. I got a pair from a local doll store for my Ante and they fit (without socks).