Short hair or long hair?

Jun 13, 2020

    1. I've realized that I love short hair on my girls as it makes posing/dressing/playing with etc. so much easier in my opinion.

      When it comes to your dolls, do you prefer them in short hair or long hair? Any thoughts as to why?

      And as for bonus questions: Do you have long or short hair? Think that could play a factor in your preference? (I know it does for me :XD:)

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    2. Short hair for the same reason in both me and my dolls : it's so much easier to maintain! Although so far between me and my dolls it's all boys, so that may change once the girl arrives, since I do kinda want to play with making a longer wig!
    3. Both! It totally depends on the character. Amir has the longest hair, it’s almost to his knees. Marley has the shortest hair. I used flocking on hers instead of a wig to make it look shaved. And the others have everything in between!

      My own hair is mostly shoulder length with one side shaved so obviously I couldn’t even decide long or short on my own head. :XD:
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    4. Both too! It depends of the doll, character, and my mood :lol:
      I have a doll with her hair to the ground, and an other with really short hair, and nearly everything in between.

      I have long hair and I don't think it plays a factor in my prefence for my dolls.
    5. Long hair all the way for me and my dolls. I only have a few dolls who will have/do have short hair. Long hair is just so pretty to me, so much more you can do with it. theres just spmething about long hair falling around the face. So pretty. I have medium length hair though. If i have it any longer i get awful headaches from the weight. And it is a huge pain to take care of.
    6. I like both on my dolls. I personally have long hair and find it much easier because of less washing and heat drying and styling. I am a ponytail, bun girl with a pencil, when it gets in the way. I had a pixie cut in the 70's and since my hair is curly I would wake up looking crazy headed and had to style with product and heat everyday. Way less work long for me, the weight of my hair tames the curl.
    7. I like middle length hair on my dolls, around shoulder length. I really want to have a shorter one, too, maybe around chin length or barely covering the ear.

      I find it interesting that I don't like long hair though. I thought about buying one which looked so beautiful, but it would've been around knee length (which I realized quite late) and that was a no-go for me.

      My hair is approximately chest long. Sometimes shoulder length. I was thinking of cutting my hair to chin length, but I think it wouldn't suit me, so I haven't done that yet.
    8. Long hair for dolls is my personal preference, but whether I choose to go for a long or short hairstyle really depends on character, my preference aside. So far, all my dolls have long hair but I'm planning 2 with short hair.

      My own hair? Short and even shorter sometimes. I kept on changing my hairstyles and colors pretty often until recently. But last time my hair ended up seriously damaged by dye. It taken awfully long time to repair the mess and then I just couldn't get enough of looking at my again beautiful shiny hair. So I decided to let them grow. But I'm starting to be quite tired of long hair now. I'm going to return to short styles soon.
    9. My collection fashions both, I love the weight of longer hair, but i love styling the shorter hair.
    10. Long Hair - All my girls have long hair, and my msd and smaller boys have shaggy fur wigs, but they are not that short. All my SD males have very long hair. I have always loved long hair on guys. I have seen a few short haired SD dolls that look amazing, and sometimes I wonder how my boys would look like that, but I think I would just go back to them wearing long hair.

      I just think long hair on dudes is hot, if a guy has amazing luscious long hair and beautiful eyes, I am done for! :love

      I have fairly long hair? It goes midway down my back. I am trying to grow it even longer.
    11. Most of my dolls have short hair, and so do I. A couple have long hair but the vast majority don’t. Most of my dolls are boys, but my one girl has short hair. My own hair is really short.
    12. Depends on the character. Most of mine are guys and have no longer than shoulder length, if not a little beyond that actually. But I've got designs on having a few historical characters from Medieval Korea [Goryeo]. So, I'll be going a little longer than usual for them. Kind of. I've got a wig on order for the first character doll, who is due to come in September, which goes to about the typical length I pick for my dolls. I'll likely go a similar length for the next character in mind, but the girl will have long hair. I might have to look at one that I can style up, however, so she might not have super long hair just so there isn't an abundance to fight into a bun.

      My hair is currently long, but as soon as I'm able it'll be going about shoulder length.
    13. Depends on the fiber. I hate long synthetic wigs because of how messy they are, so for those I prefer short synthetic. But I love long mohair wigs. So depending on what the character is supposed to have is what fiber to have for their wig.
    14. I prefer long hair on my dolls, most especially long alpaca wigs. My own hair just grows to a certain point and then breaks off, so I’ve never been able to have beautiful long hair. I suppose I live vicariously through my dolls, in that way :lol: That being said, I have some dolls with shorter wigs, too, mainly because they’re made of soy or viscose, and those just don’t produce super long wigs
    15. I skew towards short hair because ever since I was a kid I hated when my dolls' hair got all tangled!

      Short hair is just easier to take care of, especially with synthetics. My long-haired dolls at the moment have natural fiber.
    16. I like both, lets me change the pace a bit! In real life, I have partial alopecia so my hair is also a wig/piece and I can do the same as my resin kids ;D
    17. Same. I can't get my hair past a certain length. Long hair is definitely my preference. All my current dolls have long hair since I can't have it myself. I'm a cosplayer so I don't have many issues with long doll wigs tangling. They're not nearly as bad as some of the cosplay wigs I have. Besides some anime character dolls I'd like to make, all the dolls I'm planning will have long hair.
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    18. I have super long hair (past me bum!) But I think it depends on the doll, really. What fits best with their character and style. I went with shoulder length(waiting for arrival) for my boy, Fânpàn. But I plan to go super long with my next doll. (Leaning towards Native American style!)

      And I would definitely love a shaved look, too, down the line!
    19. I prefer long hair, I myself have always had long hair; at one point it was butt-length, but I hate the feeling of heat/sweaty-hair so I've kept it at shoulder length since I turned 27-ish (I'm 39 now). Most of my dolls have long hair as well, but I find that because these kind of dolls can wear wigs, I'm willing to try a lot of lengths/colors/styles. I'm one of those few people who love changing hair styles on my dolls (even if just temporarily) because it is possible and easy to do, unlike with actual human hair, which takes forever to grow back. I love doll wigs for that reason, I can just switch the hair out whenever I feel like it, and not have to worry about damage, growth, or baldness. Lol! (:
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    20. Mostly of my dolls have short hair, but the only one currently with long hair has really long hair. I just pick out what I think suits their character best. Oh, and my hair is currently shoulder length, but I am going to try growing it out because I'm never had it long.
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