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shorter slim minis?

Nov 2, 2007

    1. I had an inkling to make a hybrid with my Lusis head with a CH LJ girl body. . . but she's a scant 35cm. I think this is too short (minis are 1/4, 35x4=140 which is about 4' 6") but the boys come in at 38cm which I think would be a great height. scale-wise, I think those three cms make a big difference. Are there any female minis like the LJ body that would work for a shorter adult look (I'm only 5 feet tall, and that's 38cm in dolly terms!)
    2. I don't think there is a slim mature mini at 38cm.

      Here is the thread with confirmed mini heights (there don't even seem to be any 40cm except Orientdoll which cannot use a 6/7 head because their own head is about 5)

      Here is the unconfirmed mini height list. It lists the Happydoll Elfs as 38cm but on the Happydoll site they say 40cm (and they may all be sold out).

      Leibchen (aka Liebchen) was a custom BJD - I don't know if she is sold anymore. i think she is flat-chested. I know one person put her head on a Unoa body (I saw the sale in the marketplace)

      In this thread some very tall tinies are discussed (the petition to make Little Junior a mini). Several other similar size dolls are mentioned here. But most are around 35cm.

      Nylh used a Dollmore kid body with CH Dione who I think is a Little Junior, But the Dollmore Kid body is not mature.

      This is the same body (nude) with a Unoa face and handmade headback:

      Re the smallest/daintiest mature other minis, I would say Unoa and Minifee are the most petite. I have seen both with a 6/7 Unoa head so they do work with a 6/7 head (normal skin Minifee was used with the Unoa). I have no idea how compatible their resin color or neck size would be with Customhouse resin. Another pretty depliate body is Lati Blue girl - the ns is a bit more peachy/pinky than Unoa - not sure how it would match Little Junior.

      Also - I don't know the size of Little Junior's neck, but I do have that info for Unoa and several alternate bodies on (I think) page 13 of the Unoa Hybrids thread.

    3. Carolyn thank you for all the input! I'm pretty well versed with the more common minis, especially slim minis. I have a Narae and a Lati Blue, and I was hoping for a shorter body for my Lusis head. I thought of the Happydoll Elfs but they're not in production anymore. . . I think I arrived at the same place you did. Thanks for helping though!

      little jr. girl's neck is 7.5, same as Unoa.

      Travesty Oooh I didn't even think of Enaibi's girl. I've never even seen an owner Kyrielle. Gosh you're right, I want one. haha.
    4. I totally read your question backwards! I thought you were looking for a mature body for a CH Little Junior head!

      You're looking for a mature 38cm body? I don't own an LJ and have never seen the girl naked. I think the only mature supposedly 38cm (but maybe 40cm) dolls were the Happydoll Elves (still on the site but sold out for a long time).

    5. what about the secretdoll Yomo body? is she a slim mini or a normal one?
    6. that's a good idea! I checked the one in the Marketplace though and L33tprincess (the owner) said she bought the body to make an Unoa hybrid and it's too large. sigh. Maybe a body like this doesn't exist.