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Should I change the Face Up?

Feb 17, 2010

    1. I have a Sei Tenshi. Picture in Avatar. And she is a sweet little pea. But her face up just isn't clicking for me. Problem is I feel like I would be insulting the original artist if I have her face redone. Like I read it is frowned upon to sell these dolls because they are a gift {I know people do anyway and to each their own!} I know the person who painted her wouldn't even know. But would you do it? I probably will do it. SO in reality this post is pointless I guess. But yeah I will still ask to see what everyone else thinks.

      MODs if this post isn't working for you please feel free to toss it out!
    2. Its really up to you and it sounds like you already made up your mind:) Personally I would be very inclined to have the faceup redone if I didn't like it. Its not a question of what the original artist feels or whether its frowned upon by them or anyon else. This is your baby so you do what you want to. Doesn't matter if your doll is limited with a faceup by a well known and sought after artist or common with an amateur faceup. You make the call. When it comes down to it, you don't answer to anyone but you:)
    3. Think I know what you are saying about original faceups.

      In some strange respect there seems to be a personality in each doll imo.
      (doesn't matter if you believe it is already there or a projection that you put on it)

      Maybe the faceup doesn't match the personality.
      Think we all want out little one's inner light to shine.
      It's your decision since you live with him/her and know them best.

      Enjoy and don't worry about anyone else.
      (this is a great hobby to do whatever in the heck we want)
      Go for it
    4. I would absolutely change the faceups of any of my dolls if the default wasn't working for me. Really, that's the whole point of these dolls; being able to customize them.
    5. Sounds good to me! Thanx.
    6. Although I don't own a bjd yet, if the face up just didn't make me happy, I would consider changing it. I would have to have someone with a talent for face ups do it. I can't paint worth a darn!

      So go ahead if that is what you truly want to do. :)
    7. Yeah me too. There are dozzens of talented artists in the market place thankfully.
    8. yes change it! I couldn't bear to change my Toppi's face up and then ended up selling her because of it, now I regret it and wish I'd just made her into the girl I wanted.
    9. Id change it. Especially if it's not clicking. There are wonderful faceup artists on the market place.
    10. Such a sweet little one and I know you will in deed enjoy this little one much more after a new faceup....I can say this as I know who you will have to do it!!!