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Should limiteds or oneoffs be modified or split into pieces?

Jul 3, 2007

    1. Should limited edition or oneoff dolls be modified? What about concerns over splitting off pieces of a limited or oneoff set and selling them?
    2. Hmm that is a hard choice for me... I plan on modding a limited vamp shushu head but that is because I need a vampire with open eyes. Oneoffs and other special limiteds seem more valuable to me if they are in mint condition with all of the original clothes. The only reason I would sell the clothes is if the doll I bought was only available with the clothes... if that makes sense :sweat
    3. Between my boyfriend and I we have/will-have-whenever-it-shows-up three modded limited heads. One's a wonderful Juri custom that has scales on her (she's a goblin that a friend did) and the others are vampire heads that have the eyes modded open.

      If CP didn't mave most of their vampire heads as sleep heads it wouldn't be suck a big deal, and I probably wouldn't mod them.

      That being said, I probably wouldn't mod a one-off or anything, that just seems to defeat the point.
    4. I feel in love with a mold that is only available as a limited full set. I sold off the outfit, because it doesn't fit in with my family at all. I had the face up redone as well. I think it depends why your buying the doll. I bought him for that specific mold. Figure it makes the other people's dolls (that are unchanged) more valuable to someone who wants the 'limited' vs just the mold.

      Now modding a limited seems abit extreme to me. Can't you just find a common head that you could mod to what you want? sanding and adding are possiable for all heads to get what you want/need. Is the mold really that unique that you have to mod the limited?

      Then there is the case of 'tan' dolls where you really are limited. You can't just get a different head for the body. I saw the tan vampire ducan and throught, if I ever got him (never going to happen) but if I did, I would see about modding his ears. Would it be so wrong? To someone who wanted the doll how he is, originally, but it would be my doll to do what I want to it. And the mods may make the doll even sexier then before.

    5. Of course they should, if it's what makes you happy. I think it's kind of lame to buy the limited or one-off for NO REASON (like if there's a standard version of the mould or whatever) and then modding it, because then someone who wanted it the way it was can't have it... But otherwise. Whatever makes you happy.
    6. I own 3 limited dolls.. 2 of them, CP vampire dolls, I have modded into open-eyed.. My other doll, a HwaRang Bermann, i bought for the mold. He has since been re-faceup-ed and his default clothes have been sold.

      I personally think you can do what you want with the dolls you buy. It is your money that you've spent after all..

      Haha.. Though I do find it strange that of all my dolls, it's only the limited ones that I have modded/changed drastically..
    7. I have limited dolls that I have split up and modified, so I guess it's fine by me. I don't plan on ever selling them so I don't see how it's taking a limited away from any other collecter.

      I'd have more of an issue with it if there was an individual who bought limiteds with the intention of keeping them but they did unprofessional looking mods on them and then resold them once they realized they'd ruined them and did this on a regular basis. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I'd want them to stop buying dolls. :|
    8. I don't think they should be modded to take away from it's appearance such as sanding the nose or changing the face shape a whole lot so it doesn't even look like what the mold is. Such as a Woosoo or Breakaway cos in my opinion those dolls need no help being gorgeous! xD But I think modding of NaNuRi and Juri heads can enhance it's appearance so i think that's okay ^^; However, I think opening eyes is fine ^^ on limited heads >D

      But, i don't think Oneoff should be modded...it takes away their value and why not just buy a cheaper version if you are going to mod it?
    9. The main reason I go for a doll is because I adore the headmold. A lot of times (such as with Volks dolls) that headmold is found on a limited edition doll only. Now if I happen to like the outfit the doll comes with, that's great! More doll clothes for me. :) But if I don't, I have no issues with selling the outfit off. If I don't like the faceup or it doesn't suit the look I want for my doll I will wipe it and have the doll sent off for a new faceup.

      I have a 2 ed. Hewitt and while I kept the outfit, I sold his default eyes off and commissioned a new faceup for him. I'll probably sell his default wig too because it's currently just sitting around....I don't think it suits the look I'm going for and no other doll can wear it. I personally see no problem with this. There's no use in keeping something that is just going to sit around and gather dust.

      I also have a Nanuri 07 head on the way and it's very likely I will have the eyes modded open slightly, even though the head is limited. I adore the sculpt but I'm not so big on closed eyed dolls. So obviously, I have no issues with this either. Sometimes there's a sculpt you love and it happens to be limited, but it also happens that you just need to mod it in some way to "perfect" it. There's no other alternative out there...the limited is the closest thing to what you want. If that's the case, then mod it. Just be careful about it. If you've never modded before I wouldn't suggest trying your first attempt on a limited. Do it on a practice head until you perfect your technique. Or send it to someone very experienced.

      However, I do think it's very odd to wipe the faceup or sell off parts of a oneoff that happens to be a standard model. Like say Volks releases a oneoff Kun....it doesn't make sense to me to buy the oneoff Kun and then go and wipe the faceup and sell the clothes. Why bother? Why not just save the money and buy the standard edition? It's certainly not something I'd do.
    10. My opnion is that YES! If you want to modify, then modify - it's up to the personal values of the owner. The doll belongs to you so do with it what you want. That is the beauty of collecting these dolls. Of course the resale value may decrease. I've both split and modified limited dolls without remorse.

      I currently have a limited Custom House boy and I've been struggling with the fact that I need to remove his faceup because it has become way too light. But in the end - I'm going to do it. And like Zalem, I'm getting a Nanuri 2007 and am going to open the eyes a bit because it is what I want to do with him. ;)

    11. If I'm spending 500+ on a doll then I think that I have the right to do whatever I want with it, whether it's a limited or not.
    12. I agree with Caddyvamp. The doll is your doll, and a major part of the appeal of BJDs is their ability to be modded. I have done some sanding to my Juri 06 and I am having the eyes on my MNF Vampire Shiwoo opened as well.

      With the Juri, I really liked photos of the sculpt, but realized once I got the head that the lower lip bugged me. So I sanded it down a bit. Then I did some sanding on the cheeks and jaw to make the face shape more masculine. It wasn't a drastic mod, so to me it still looks like a Juri 06... just a variation on Juri 06. So I couldn't have just bought any sculpt and modded it, but I wouldn't have been happy with an unmodded Juri.

      To me, the point is to have a doll you love, not a doll that's worth the most money. Some people's priorities may be different, but mine is how much I like the doll. It's not about prestige for me, so if I've done something that lowers the monetary value it doesn't bother me as long as I like the change. =P
    13. It's your doll. If you wish to mod it or sell off pieces because you don't need/like/want them, then it's your decision.

      Currently Sada is buying the Breakaway I have. He is a modded vampire, eyes opened, but she adores him. I adore him too, but he didn't fit in here. He never spoke to me. He speaks to her. She knows he is modded and she's fine with it. But the only thing I have with selling a modded limited doll, is just be sure to tell the buyer what mods were done.

      Otherwise, your doll, your decision.
    14. I think it depends on what makes it a limited, if you mod the specific traits that make it a limited you might as well buy a standard. If its an Elf El and you mod the ears to make it look human? Just buy a regular El. A sleepy eyed Woosoo modded to have the eyes fully open? Get a Chiwoo. If its a standard with a one-off faceup and you wipe the faceup? Buy a standard. I know its your property to do with as you please, but why would you pay more for a limited just to turn it into a standard?

      On the other hand, with limiteds that have no standard version (Juri) or with other mods that don't alter the nature of the limited (opening eyes on a sleepy Elf El) I would say its ok. In the first instance the only way to get that headmold is to buy a limited, even if its modded its still a limited. In the second case, you haven't touched what made it limited (ears) so its still a limited despite the changes.

      The same goes for dolls where the outfit is considered part of the limited. Is the doll still limited when you remove the outfit? Go for it. Is the outfit the only thing that makes that doll a limited? I would say you can split the doll from the outfit and keep the outfit together, but the doll will no longer be a limited when you do that.

      I hope all of that made sense.
    15. I have no problem with splitting up a limited if it came with items that just don't work with my characters. I don't mind mods to a limited if they're well done- same with face-ups. Sometimes you just don't want the default paint, and unless they're display-only, it'll probably have to be redone eventually anyway. I don't think the owner should expect to get the same price as a unmodded full-set, however, if they decide to sell in the future.

      One-offs. . . . if you absolutely have to mod one to get the character you've been dreaming of, go for it. But honestly, I think selling off their outifts and default wig/eyes defeats the purpose unless you absolutely know without a doubt that you're keeping the doll forever. It bothers me to see one-offs that are available as standards being sold at their original cost when they don't come with any of their original items. I think what makes a one-off valuable is that it came with special clothing, eyes and wig. It's not *just* about who did the face-up.
    16. I don't think splitting up a limited set is a problem--if all you want is the doll, you can at least recoup part of the cost by selling the outfit.

      As for modding--I probably wouldn't (if it were something really unusual and very limited. I could see myself modding a gift head for instance), but it doesn't bother me that other people do. It's their doll to do what they want with, and it isn't anybody else's business what they do. I realize that others wanted the doll in original form and weren't able to get it, but that's life. One thing I love about this hobby is that customization is encouraged and that it isn't all about being as mint condition as possible.
    17. I think practically, if its possible to get the modded look from a non-limited, that's probably a better route. But if its not possible, go ahead and do what ya gotta do to get your dream doll.

      Splitting limiteds, if it was the only way to get your dream doll and you don't care about the outfit, or it was the only way to get your dream outfit and you don't care about the doll, go for it. Just keep in mind that you may lose out later if you decide to sale the other part after all. (On the other hand, you might come out ahead, too. Who knows?)
    18. I have to wonder, if there are people who have taken a doll and modded it, only to have their 'modded' version of the doll released. Such as taking a human head and modding it to be elf, only to have an elf version of the mold released? And how did you feel about such?

    19. it's your doll so it's your choice. i know that i would never mod a limited doll. i would take it as is. and if i didn't like how it looked i would sell it to someone who would. splitting up outfits isn't a big deal i just wouldn't go and change anything about the doll. but that's just my opinion(i'm very change adverse ^^') but i think that everyone should do what makes them happy. i mean, how nice would it feel if you didn't want the body to a doll and someone just had the head(for some odd reason) and you were able to give their doll the body it was meant to have? so that's the exception i guess ...>.>
    20. Personally, I don't think I would ever modify a limited edition of a doll with an open edition verson. If the face-up and clothes are what makes the doll different from others of the same type, I'll leave well enough alone. I'd get one of the general release versions, and leave the LE on the market for someone who would appreciate it as-is.
      Now, heads that are limited run is a little different for me. I opened the eyes of my Dreaming Chiwoo Elf, for example. There is no option of open release, so I got the LE and I changed her to suit my taste. The same coin would be my soon-to-be-paid-off Unidoll UH14. I love her mouth, eyes, ears, and body, but not her nose. The doll speaks to me, so I purchased her with full confidence I can make her exactly what I envision. There is nothing I can do about her being an LE.
      This being said, I accept that there will always be some who dislike me for moding limited run dolls. I accept that. For myself and respect for the sculpt I try to fashion the best possible mods when that is the rout I choose. If people are going to be angry anyway, I want my dolls to be, at the very least, well done.