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Should Second-Hand Buyers pay back YOUR shipping?

Aug 10, 2007

    1. Ive seen this several times in the marketplace. Someone will buy an item, and then sell it on the marketplace for whatever reason, but instead of listing it at market price+shipping to you, they list it as market price+their shipping costs+new shipping costs.

      Should sellers be allowed to do that? Even if they're just trying to get back what they paid?

      My opinion is no. I dont believe a second/third/whatever buyer should have to refund the seller's original shipping costs. I think that if a seller is trying to gain back what they spent, they could do that for the item, but shipping costs are theirs to eat.

      >>Somebody buys something from a shop for $10 and $5 shipping

      >>Thats $15 total.

      >>Then for whatever reason, they sell the item

      >> Instead of listing it at $10+ shipping to wherever

      >>It becomes $15+shipping to wherever.

      >> And so on and so forth until the item gets way overpriced for what it is.

    2. Sellers have the right to set their own price. The factors involved in determining that price -- be they previous shipping costs, increased scarcity over time, or simply a desire to get as much as possible for the item -- really aren't something that others can "allow" or "disallow."

      You're well within your rights to refuse to buy from sellers whom you suspect are attempting to recoup every cent they spent to obtain the doll, if that bothers you. But I don't know that saying they shouldn't be "allowed" to do it is appropriate.

      For what it's worth, I think it's a bit pointless for people to list out exactly what is being factored into their prices in the first place. Just state how much the item is being sold for -- there's no need to break it down into base cost, shipping cost, emotional worth, market fluctuations, and so on.
    3. I always set my price at market + shipping to them... I figure shipping to me is just a cost I have to eat for changing my mind :sweat

      But then again I usually end up getting less than what it's worth because I also include clothes and such :sweat
    4. Do they have a right? Absolutely.

      But if you can buy it straight from the store, you'll buy it straight from the store and save money. The only time I've seen people try to recoup their shipping is generally when the item is sold out, and you couldn't get it otherwise. I don't consider original price + shipping + shipping to you to be scalping.
    5. As far as the marketplace is concerned, I don't think it's realistic to start pegging down what is and isn't "allowed" - sellers have the right to set their own prices.
      I think that the matter of compensating one's own shipping charges in the price of an item is a matter of personal judgment and integrity and depends on the individual - I personally don't expect the buyer to pay out my shipping expenses as well as theirs, but not everybody is going to think the same way as me.
    6. Of course every seller has the right to price however they want, but yeah, it is tacky, IMO, to list their original shipping as a separate item you're paying for. It's not like they didn't buy the item on their own impulse, for their own enjoyment. If you want to recoup that money, blend it into the price, throw eyes or a piece of clothing to disguise it.

      My own "sellers shouldn't" though are the ones who say nothing about you paying the paypal fees as well anywhere in their listing, not until the pm/email with the payment addy. If you want to charge others for your premier account, fine, I haven't let that stop me if it was something I really wanted. But at least be upfront about it, or do the math and figure it into the price.
    7. You can always choose to buy one direct and pay one less shipping fee. Unless you don't want to wait for a new one, I see no point in buying from someone and paying double shipping.

      They of course they are entitled to charge it, but as a buyer I don't see the value in paying extra shipping for a used doll when you get a pristine new one for $15-25 cheaper.
    8. I think it's fine if they want to do it. If they don't want to do it, it's fine too. I don't charge it myself, but I don't care much if others do. If I don't feel like paying for that, then I'll just shop somewhere else ^^ that's all. I basically look at it as paying a little extra for the convenience of having the doll you want in 3-5 days instead of 20-30, even though in the end justification of something like charging the shipping fee doesn't really matter to me... it's charging paypal fees that irk me :x (especially when the seller is already making a "profit"...)
    9. I think it's fine, especially if the item is hard to get or takes a long time to get. People don't have to buy that seller's item if they don't want to pay it.

      It bothers me more when people jack items up to 2x or 3x their original price. To me that is scalping.

    10. Like others have said, if it's an in stock item with a wait then you can think of it as somewhat of a "convenience" payment, and if it's an out of stock or limited item you're probably lucky to get charged only original price + shipping (instead of some of the crazy scalper prices you see on some items). But if it's something you can just go buy at the site for less, nobody's going to pay the extra if they don't get any advantage and eventually either the seller will stop trying to sell the item or lower the price.
    11. To be honest it really depends..

      If you received something and you sell it rightaway/ After a very short period of time than I can understand that you want something of the shipping back. After all Even whenthe buyer pays the original price you still have nothing in your hands and are out of the shipping money.
    12. They can if they choose to, but I strongly disagree with the practice.

      When I sell a doll I sell it for what I believe it is worth, which is sometimes the same as the price I bought it for, and exact shipping from me to them.
      The shipping to me in the first place I pay because it's none of the buyers business. Besides, I can't get all my money back. i don't agree with that, if I've been hasty enough to buy it then I should pay for that in some way.

      I don't think second hand items should cost more than they do new from the shop. Especially when they are readily available from the shop. That is just taking advantage of people who don't want to buy something all the way from Asia in my opinion.

      It just seems selfish to me to try and get all your money back when you've obviously had some enjoyment out of owning it (if just the enjoyment of ordering it)
    13. It's up to the individual to decide the price at the end of the day and if someone is willing to pay that inflated price to get the goods quicker then good luck to them.

      I do however think it is a bit of a damn cheek to charge someone else for your mistake/whatever and quite greedy but that is just from my own moral standpoint as I wouldn't personally do that. I'd just charge for whatever I thought the doll was worth (depending on condition, age, etc.) compaired to new from the manufacturers plus whatever the postage costs would be to the buyer. I'd hate to think I was overcharging anyone as I would hate that to be done to me.
    14. Hmmm well shipping for dolls is usually the same price, but for items I just take the normal prices here, but when an item needs to be shipped in a box, the shipping will become more, because that's how it is here.

      But a seller is, as has been already said here, allowed to ask his own prices...as long as it's not scalping.

      I, on the onther hand, don't like it when buyers ask for lower shipping [so lower than I need to pay for shipping to them] and still expect the same shipping type as the higher shipping which is recalculated from the normal shipping rate.
      That really annoys me.

    15. Heh I always have few points of view in such cases. And I find such questions as quite hard to answer..

      First of all it's seller right to ask for certain price. I think most people will agree with this statement.

      Yet sametime.. I've never asked someone to cover my shipping cost. It's really wierd for me.
      Shipping to me is something I pay to own doll/clothes/shoes/wigs and so on. Why should buyer care anyways?
      It's not buyers problem if I've paid 30$ for 1 wig shipping or 5$ in group order.
      Besides buyer won't know if the price he's charged for sellers shipping is what seller really paid.

      Someone may say that higher price that includes first owners shipping expences is something buyer pays in order to get item faster.
      Without waiting for companies move which can take long. It's some kind of compensation for shorter waiting period.

      So I think it's sellers right ask whatever he/she wishes for item.
      But I would like to see total price for item (plus shipping to me). I don't really care if seller wants his shipping back or taxes back or whatever.
      Setting price like this: "price+ sellers shipping+ shipping to new owner" I find annoying. Couse it takes my time to find out how much item will cost me at the end.
      Aaand I always feel that seller is trying either look cool couse he's asks for such low price or counts that someone will get fooled by low initial price and will buy his item even though there's same item in marketplace that cost less in total.
      Don't bash me for last sentence that's how I feel ^^' when I see such cases.

      Ah forgot to add...
      It's not something we can allow or not.
      We can only agree on or ask for standard price listing.. like price for item and shipping to buyer only.
    16. I believe the loss of what was paid for shipping is the price to pay for 'trying out' the doll.

      So. No. I do not think second-hand buyers should pay for the seller's original shipping.
    17. I think trying to tell people what price they set for things they are selling is a non-starter.

      As far as I'm converned, if someone whats to get back what they paid for something when they sell it on, then what they paid in shipping is part of that price.

      For example, if I pay £3 plus £8 shipping for something, then the cost to me is£11. If I want to make back what I paid, I market it for £11, not £3. because the cost of ther item was £11.

      If they think they can sell it for that price (plus shipping to wherever the new owner is) then that's what they'll market it for.

      Whether they *do* sell it for tha price is up to the buyer. If someone's willing to pay that price for the item then it sells, if no-one is willing to pay that price then it doesn't. Buyers could choose to buy a new item direct instead of the higher price for the second hand item. Nobody is forcing them to pay the higher price. It depends whether the item is worth the extra money to them - market forces apply. If the item is no longer available new, yet is stillin demand, then it has scarcity value and the chances are that peopel will pay the higher price for it. If it is still availabel new, and/or is not heavily in demand, chances are nobody will pay the price fora secodn hand one when they could buy a new one cheaper unless they some other factors to take into consideration.

      I probably paid slightly more for my first doll (second-hand) than I would have for a new one direct from Luts, but at the time Luts were only accepting PayPal payments and I don't have a PayPal account. Plus, I didn't want the bother of trying to communicate with a company in a country where English is not the first language - just in case a problem arose and communication of the details became complicated.

      So it was worth my while to pay a little extra, save myself the bother of worrying about communication/language issue *AND* make a direct credit card payment. Market forces in action

      The right to do so isn't an issue at all. Any seller should have the right to set whatever price they like on the goods they are selling - the market forces will dictate whether or not it sells at that price.

    18. I think it is really up to the seller. Personally though I would not do it.
    19. I think it's up to the seller to set the price. If people think the price is too high, then they don't have to buy. If it was me buying, it would come down to A. How hard is this item to find? B. How does the price compare to other sales for the same items?
    20. As a seller I do not charge the money I paid for shipping [on the other hand, I sometimes pay for the buyer's shipping if it's a high-value item, as a token of appreciation or whatnot- so I don't know if I'm an example for anything XD].
      I think that a seller has every right to set their price however they like- and you have the right to not buy it if you find the price to be unfair. It's really as simple as that. I don't really care if the price I'm paying includes the seller's initial shipping fees- as long as I find the price to be worthy of the product, I don't look too much into what it's made of.