should the lati white and lati white special threads be combined?

Jan 10, 2016

  1. make one thread for lati white and lati white special dolls and close old threads

    15 vote(s)
  2. keep threads and discussions separate for white and white specials

    1 vote(s)
    1. there has been some discussion on the lati white thread that because of the cross posting between lati white and lati white special dolls it might be easier to combine the threads. some pros for this would be that they share the same heads and the thread would be more active. cons might include the fact that the bodies are different and they wear different clothes. please vote in the poll and discuss below, why you think they should or should not be joined. (please note it is not possible to merge past threads, but we would be either creating a new thread for both sizes and closing the old ones, or leaving the status quo) i will leave the poll open for two weeks and a clear majority would be needed to combine the threads.
    2. I think the most correct solution would be creating a new thread for both sizes and closing the old ones.
      This solution looks the most sensible of all possible options.
    3. I agree
      one thread is enough
    4. There are definitely benefits to having a combined Lati white + white special thread, as there are benefits to keeping the two lines separated into their own threads. If anyone would like a specific combined lati white and lati white special thread they can feel free to start one and link the thread into the existing threads, so other members know they have the choice about which thread they’d like to use.

      However, we won’t be closing the existing threads as some members may prefer to keep the lines separated while others would prefer them combined.

      While the poll was a really good idea as far as determining whether or not there is interest in a combined thread, Den of Angels does need to attempt to accommodate both groups.