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Should you always credit the artist?

Apr 24, 2008

    1. A large part of this hobby is customizing one's doll via faceups, clothing, accessories and mods. Many people do some or all of this work on their own, but paying others for their services/art is also a popular choice. If you don't see credit to the artists in posts displaying a doll, do you assume that the owner did all the work? Do you think that artists should always be credited?
    2. I always always always credit. Always. In my Gallery posts, which I assume you're referencing.

      I feel that it's important to acknowledge the incredible artists we have access to in the dollery. And I don't just credit individuals - I like to credit my DS boys who wear their tensiya.com faceups!

      Great question!
    3. I don't usually assume the person posting pictures did the face-up. When you're familiar with the mold/company or just have looked at tons of pictures for years (hehe),you kinda know if it's a default one or if it has the style of an artist you know or have seen around.

      Of course some face-ups are more obvious and you can tell they were done by either the owner or another non-professional artist ;)
      Like one of my boys, lol!

      I don't go around saying that the faces were done by Cherrystreet in every single post, but it's more common to mention that in databases or in a photoshoot/photostory when the doll head has just come back from getting the new face.
      Also some people will ask if you did the face-up yourself or who did it.
    4. That could get to be a long list of people to credit, if you pay for others to do the face-up, and make the wig and clothes and jewelry, and do mods...

      I don't assume the owner did all the work unless they specifically state that they did. There aren't very many people who can make everything (not too many shoemakers, for instance). I don't really think it's necessary or practical to credit all artists/ companies that have a part in a doll's look every time a picture is posted. The artist should be credited if their work is the focus of the post (showing off a new face-up/ outfit), or if someone asks "Did you make that skirt", or "Who did those mods?". Otherwise, I think it's okay not to mention the artists, as long as the doll owner isn't taking credit for work that they didn't do.
    5. Sometimes I remember to credit the artists but honestly, I often forget or simply don't remember who made the outfit. 99% of my face-ups are factory so there's really nothing to credit there. It is nice to let folks know who did what though.
    6. I do not credit the artist if they were uncommunicative, didn't do what I asked, or did a bad job. But in most cases I won't even post those dolls.

      For the good jobs, I credit when appropriate - first photos on any forum, databases, and sometimes fashion show threads.

    7. No, if I don't see credit listed, I never assume one way or the other about who did what work. There's too many variables involved in that doll's look (face, hair, blushing, shoes, whole outfit, partial outfit, etc.) to make any assumptions. If I want to know who did something specific, I'll post a question. If the author wants to display all the credits in every post, or if they don't want to display any credits at all, it's up to them.

      When I am the one posting, I do like to show credits for the more remarkable things being shown in my photos; or if it's somehow relevant to the intent of the photoshow; or if I'm making the photoshow specifically to show off somebody's work (which I adore doing). If credits have nothing to do with that show, or if they'd clutter up the layout with too much extra text, then I skip them. If someone asks, of course, credits are always happily (nay, gushily) given. Oddly, I've noticed that I no longer mention automatically that Kaiya is a Satoko Ohno paintjob unless somebody asks about it.

      If you want to pepper the soup right away, here's a tangent to nibble on: Lately, there's been so much talk & agony about "elitism" and "perceived elitism", that perhaps some people are starting to be wary of displaying the brand-names of everything in their photos... for fear of being nailed as insensitive, for "flaunting" a fancy name. Sadly, this is not an unreasonable fear (as is abundantly clear from some of the other recent debates). Has there been a decrease in people crediting their more artisanal acquisitions lately, do you think? I can't say that I have paid attention to trends in the way people post credits, but I know that brandsnobbery is something people worry about lately.
    8. In Gallery and Photostory posts of mine, I always try to remember to put a list of "Specs" at the very bottom of the thread in a smaller font. That way it doesn't clutter up the thread but people can look and see where the items came from, especially if it's a commissioned or handmade piece of clothing or accessory. I'm not trying to brag (heaven knows a lot of the stuff is common and inexpensive) but I like the info to be available in case someone would like to know where I got the item. That way if they want one, they know where to find it. I don't always know where all of my doll's stuff originated, but I'll list the items I do know.

      I do make a point to mention where any handmade/commissioned items came from, because I do appreciate the artist's work. I have some truly lovely items that were made by talented jewellers, seamstresses, knitters, and armorers... and I like to help show my appreciation by giving credit where it is due.

      As for faceups, I usually do my own faceups but I know they still need some work. I don't always list the faceups as "done by me" because I don't really feel the need to credit myself outside a sales/critique thread or database listing. If someone asks, I'll let them know... but I don't feel the need to say in every thread "and I did the faceups!" Also, if I had a faceup done by another artist I would definitely credit them. The exception to this is my Latidoll boy... he was a limited fullset, so he has the default faceup. I admittedly don't often credit his faceup since it's company default for his sculpt. Once again, I wouldn't hesitate to let someone know if they asked, though!

      However, I don't just assume that the faceup was done by the owner unless it's specifically mentioned. If it's not listed and I really want to know, I'll ask though.
    9. The first time I'm introducing a new doll - I do and certainly if people ask, but I don't credit them every time I post a picture after the initial introduction.
    10. I generally try to list who made the stuff my doll is wearing, and even if I don't, if I get a lot of comments about it (e.g. a bunch of people saying they like a doll's faceup) I'll mention who did it.

      This is a little mean but it is how my mind works -- generally if a poster doesn't say who their doll's clothes or faceup are by, unless they're a seamstress or faceup artist I know of, I assume someone else did the work unless it's of fairly poor quality. ^^; I guess I just assume that if you're going to pay someone else for clothes or a faceup you'll get nice ones? If I think something about the doll is really great and I can't tell where it's from I'll often ask.
    11. I don't put that information in a gallery post, but if someone asks about the faceup, wig or costume, I will gladly tell them. I do put faceup/mods information in database photos.
    12. For art and photography I always put credit - but if someone wants information on where I got the accessories/clothes/shoes/etc. I'll gladly tell them ^^ Can't hoard all the good stuff to yourself, can ya? ;)
    13. If my doll is modelling clothes, jewelry or other items handmade by a DOA user I'll try to credit them, to help them get business. Any non-self-made items being used in a sales photo should definately be credited. Honestly though, some posts that list off credits for every single item in the photo can be annoying, as though the owner was bragging about where everything came from. If I posted photos frequently I probably would not continue to credit unless there were unusual new items or from a new seller.
    14. I usually only credit when showing off new work or when there's a specific reason to mention who did it. I just can't keep up with a full credit list, honestly. Faceups wouldn't be too hard but then there's clothes too and someone else might have mods and accessories and body blushing and tattoos.
    15. I don't put that sort of thing in every post, but I'm always happy to share if asked, and I have all the faceup artists listed in my profile.
    16. As people said above. I never assume people did it themselves unless they state so.

      Give credit when showing off what was done, or the database threads where it's a 'catalog' of the doll, or when someone asks.

    17. I would say it if somebody asked, because I don't always remember where/ who I got the clothes from, that's why I like it when people just ask^^ though if it's a face up I might mention it, first couple of times. I don't mind sharing, but it's not like I'm going to post it everytime too much work naming 5 dolls with diff artists every time O_o
    18. I've certainly felt this way. But I still try to credit everything, every time. Invariably if I don't, somebody asks me where I got the uncredited thing, or says 'wow you are a really good faceup artist' or somesuch, which leaves me feeling like a cad. Also, I want the text to show up in a search. I always read other people's credits and learn from them.

      But just about everything I have is from Japan because I lived there for years - YJ, Dollpas and other doll shows, semi-obscure shopping sites that don't ship internationally. I know from a few remarks I've received that it's sometimes perceived as flaunting. I hate when people ask about something I own and I have to say, yet again, that it's from a brief order period last year from a Japanese site that doesn't ship overseas. I have one item that, without fail, people PM me every time I post a picture that it's in. I almost feel like I should post the information for getting one - which basically amounts to 'you can't' - every time I show a photo of it, but that would certainly be taken the wrong way!

      So I completely understand why people wouldn't credit, but I still feel as if I have to.
    19. I suppose it's the tone of the post...? I always like seeing credits because if there's something I like in whatever photoset, I can look for the item/services myself if the information is provided.

      When I did post in the gallery, I usually list who made the clothing, eyes, wig, and faceup because I'd rather not receive numerous PMs about it (although there have been a few times when I did receive PMs even though it was mentioned in the post...).
    20. I love the BJD database thread for this. A pic, name, back story and usually the manufacturer for the wig/eyes/faceup, etc. If I see something I admire in a pic I will search almost every post that person has made for the info on it. If I can't find it, I will ask in one of their threads, if they dont answer, THEN I pm them.