Shoushou Doll 1/3 discussion

Sep 10, 2020

    1. I couldn't find a thread for these guys, so thought I'd start one (with a little prompting from @Quiet and Insane )

      My boy Zeke just got his own body with the delivery of my Ringdoll Rica, so here he is!
      [​IMG]IMG_20200910_155531_227 by Lilly Cullen, on Flickr

      It's a great fit, though the resin match is a bit off. Zeke's head is more white then the body. It's not as bad in real life as it is in photos. But the RGM-04 body is a spot on fit!

      So who do you have?
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    2. Yay! :whee: He does look great!
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    3. @Gathephaar your boy looks so cool! He looks really good with that body and I hardly see any color differences. Is his skin in white or normal?

      I have a Gou Meng head in my collection and need to find a body.
    4. It have a filter on that makes it look a lot closer in this picture then others. His body is normal skin and I can't remember what colour his head is. Might be white.
    5. Oooooh okay. That makes sense. It's still a really awesome picture.
    6. Thanks! He's actually pretty hard to photograph _:D
    7. He's amazing!!! I haven't been able to find much about ShouShou resin comparison and I know they're discontinuing Qing Cang in a few days and I am having a hard time deciding if I should just get the head and hybrid or try and get the whole doll to spare myself the effort of matching. :?
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    8. I have My Gouhuai on the shoushou body and while aesthetically the joints kinda stick out the body is a rock solid poser. It's sad that the Gouhuai has been discontinued tho
    9. May I ask if you can post his pic with full body here? I have Qing Cang’s head but I still cannot decide on the body. Shoushou’s body (head excluded) is around 60 cm. but RGM-04 is around 68 cm. Just wondering, if it’s too tall for the head.
    10. Stop me if this isn't the right thread for this question, but does anyone knows what happened to their main website?
      I got a Shoushou head and was saving up for a body, but the whole website is gone and I don't know where to find them anymore :...(
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    11. I want to show off my Gouhuai, His name is Denham or Denny.
      [​IMG]Denham by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    12. Double post, sorry. Here is Denny in the rococo outfit I made. He makes a delicious vampire.
      [​IMG]Denny in green 2 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    13. Right?! I was really hoping to get a Shoushou doll but looks like they kinda just disappeared from social media. Wonder if there was an update anywhere I didn't see.
    14. I think the RGM-04 would be a good fit.
    15. Hello, I don't know if there has ever been an official statement from the company, but I buy through BJDivas and they had a series of news items on ShouShou last year. It started off with news that the 1/3 boys will be discontinued.
      [Shoushou Doll] Discontinuation Notice

      Then there was news about another one of their doll lines, a 1/4 faun girl named Niko, that will be discontinued because of production issues.
      [Shoushou Doll] Unicorn/Faun Girl Niko Discontinued on Aug 8th
      I have a feeling COVID has something to do with this.

      BJDivas mentioned on their Facebook post that ShouShou is trying to finish all the back orders on Niko before considering opening her up again. The last time I heard of anything was back in January. No word on the boys returning at all at this moment.

      I'm quite sad myself. I've been hoping to get a Gouhuai for quite a while. But I hope this helps!
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