Shoushou Doll 1/3 discussion

Sep 10, 2020

    1. I couldn't find a thread for these guys, so thought I'd start one (with a little prompting from @Quiet and Insane )

      My boy Zeke just got his own body with the delivery of my Ringdoll Rica, so here he is!
      [​IMG]IMG_20200910_155531_227 by Lilly Cullen, on Flickr

      It's a great fit, though the resin match is a bit off. Zeke's head is more white then the body. It's not as bad in real life as it is in photos. But the RGM-04 body is a spot on fit!

      So who do you have?
    2. Yay! :whee: He does look great!
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    3. @Gathephaar your boy looks so cool! He looks really good with that body and I hardly see any color differences. Is his skin in white or normal?

      I have a Gou Meng head in my collection and need to find a body.
    4. It have a filter on that makes it look a lot closer in this picture then others. His body is normal skin and I can't remember what colour his head is. Might be white.
    5. Oooooh okay. That makes sense. It's still a really awesome picture.
    6. Thanks! He's actually pretty hard to photograph _:D
    7. He's amazing!!! I haven't been able to find much about ShouShou resin comparison and I know they're discontinuing Qing Cang in a few days and I am having a hard time deciding if I should just get the head and hybrid or try and get the whole doll to spare myself the effort of matching. :?
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    8. I have My Gouhuai on the shoushou body and while aesthetically the joints kinda stick out the body is a rock solid poser. It's sad that the Gouhuai has been discontinued tho