Shu the Tree Elf - Painted by YAO LEI - Fabulous

Oct 8, 2016

    1. My doll is a 44 cm Miracle Doll. He is an Ice Tree Elf. He does not have all his Ice on as I have not completed the costume yet: He is wearing a quick temporary costume.
      YAO LEI has done a beautiful work of art. She created my fantasy. Photos in Shu Tree Elf Album on Facebook

      Sue Signor | Facebook

      I love the tattoo on the wrist. He will be going back for more tattoo's on his chest and one thigh and lower back, and maybe something on the face... A new wig is coming soon and his clothing will probably be leather and white fur. He is a Winters' boy.

      Thank you, YAO LEI...More dolls coming your way.
      Sue Signor:love :sumomo: