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Sibara - white Ryung (Elfdoll)

Nov 29, 2006

    1. I didn't know if this constitutes as "News" or not {Mods Please delete if this is old information/ or move if needs be}

      I have just come across this on the Denver Doll Emporium site :o
      I have searched all over the forum for information regarding this doll
      see link:

      soooo many choices *_*
    2. =0=~~~~~
      I Wish My White Skin Sooah~~~
    3. Sibara has arrived At DDE and she is TOTALLY AWESOME.
      here's a pic of mine (eyes changed to electric blue glass)


      here's the link to her on DDE:

      I'm just thrilled to death to be able to have gotten her.
    4. She's beautiful... I like her with blue eyes too.
    5. Hi Everyone!

      Sibara ROCKS! I picked mine up at DDE on Wednesday, and I haven't stopped playing with her since. Mine (now named the Lady Aranyxae, Nyx for short) seems to have finally settled on her red eyes, and a long black wig.

      Michele and I played with her in the store for a while, trying on different wigs, and eyes, and outfits, and you can see the pictures of our playing here - Many Faces of Sibara

      It is obvious to me that this is one of those dolls that looks gorgeous in EVERYTHING. Currently one in the store has on her red undies, black stockings and high heels and a long green wig. She's gorgeous and very Christmas-sy. :)

      To be totally honest, I was not overly enchanted with the big Elfdolls. Oh, I thought they were pretty, but I never really felt the need to bring one home. Until I saw Sibara.

      Anyway, hope you like the pictures.
    6. WOW!!! She is really gorgeous O_O
    7. Wandered in to see how many posts I have since the rules change is coming up, and found Wendy tempting me in yet another forum!!! Wendy, you are a magnificent salesperson. Love all the pictures!
    8. I just received my Sibara today, and she is all I had hoped for and more. She is a Denver Doll Emporium exclusive, an edition of 20, and last time I looked there were 3 left. She is exquisite and much to my surprise and delight her snow skin is not dead white like dear Nabee, but a pale creamy complexion without the yellow overtones of the natural color Rainy Elfdolls. All are gorgeous, but Sibara is definitely a jewel of a new tone. Sincerely, Tibby ps. She is 60 cm tall with the Elfdoll Rainy 3-part large bust body.
    9. She's really pretty. If I hadn't already ordered RuRu I'd have been very tempted to get Sibara.

      Congrats to all of you who did get her. :)

    10. She's wonderful! She would make a great companion for my Nabee......
    11. Hey! That is exactly what I thought, and it turned out to be true. They look like sisters or maybe cousins, but distinctly different complexion and eye treatment. Also different faceup, of course. ....Tibby
    12. Sibara is another white skin Ryung, as was Nabee, sooo, they're essentially the same doll with a different faceup. :)
    13. Nabee's eyes are different from Ryung's, they are more closed, so they don't look 100% the same. DEEP envy, Tibby, how cool to have them both! :)
    14. Michele ,I like her much better with the blue eyes. I really like her except for the blackish lips.I was trying to decide on Ruru or Sibara..But with Sibara I would have to have repainted her lips..Maybe they are not as dark as they look in the pictures..So I went with Ruru,I really liked everything about her.Both would have been nice ..lol...
      Hugs Phyllis B
    15. I was really tempted by her, but I just don't have the money to put down on her and Nabee is fairly similar but with red lips. I wish Denver Dolls had a slightly easier layaway plan. $200 is a large amount, especially when it's not your currency. I live in Australia and that's closer to $300 in our money. I could easily manage a 4/5 month layaway and Dolls and Friends are offering a 6 month layaway on RuRu. That makes it a lot easier to get your doll. Oh well, maybe next time.
    16. I've orders her too, she shipped on the 15th, but has not arrived yet. I don't know how I can wait. Ryung is dying to meet her new sister too. --Terri
    17. She has! -- she's here and is dying to meet you and her new sister!!!

      And she is sooooooooooooooo BEEEEYUUUUUUUUTIFUL!!!!:aheartbea
    18. Tomorrow I get to meed my Sibara, I may not sleep tonight, I may not sleep tonight!
    19. Bwahahahahahaha! :x

      Bekka.... you need a Sibara.... you neeeeeeeeed a Sibara.

      I'm working on my forum hypnosis. Did it work? :lol:

      I am a horrible enabler. You should see what I did to my poor friend, Amanda, at DDE today. (shaking head) Well, he IS beautiful...

      Good to see you here too, Bekka! Later, 'gator!
    20. Contratulations, Territ!!! How exciting! She's a fantabulous doll. I hope you enjoy her! Pictures! Pictures!!!