Sideshow Collectibles: Court of the Dead BJDs

Jul 26, 2019

    1. I'm guessing they'll eventually be deemed on/off-topic, but Brigadoon feels like a safe place to put this for now.

      Roughly 1/4 scale, resin, humanoid, strung with elastic, fully jointed, and heads that open up to allow for swappable eyes (not that the sales pictures of either the fullsets or the blank dolls make that in any way obvious... Sideshow, clearly much more used to catering to statue and action figure collectors than the BJD crowd lol)

      I really kinda want to pick some of these up, but being bjds they're not cheap! I think I can probably spring for a layaway for one of these guys, but all three are so unique looking that deciding on a favourite sculpt will be difficult!

      Court of the Dead Muse of Bone - Spector Blank Doll

      Court of the Dead Muse of Spirit- Spector Blank Doll

      Court of the Dead Muse of Flesh- Spector Blank Doll

      The fullsets (below) are gorgeous - but the blank doll listings (above) show off the potential of the sculpts better I feel!

      Court of the Dead Muse of Spirit - Atelier Cryptus Doll

      Court of the Dead Muse of Bone - Atelier Cryptus Doll

      Court of the Dead Muse of Flesh- Atelier Cryptus Doll
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    2. I think they are beautiful! I follow them on instagram, but I honestly didn't know you could get them blank! I think the price is very reasonable. Muse of bone is certainly my favorite!
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    3. I had been pondering ordering Bone for a I just ordered her blank version.:XD: I was able to use some points that have been sitting in my account for a few years, so that small discount was a bonus. She will be fun to customize!
    4. Yay congrats @redmaiko ! Be sure to share pictures!
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    5. they're really cool. I quite like spirit, her expression is really interesting. Part desperate, part serene.

      But a bit out of my price range unfortunately.
    6. Ooh congrats on picking one of these guys up! I'm really looking forward to seeing what people make of these dolls when the pre-orders start being fulfilled.

      For my part I'm trying to work out what sort of layaway I can afford (and if I could potentially budget for more than just the one doll since the whole limited run thing implies terrible things about their future availability). Alas I dropped all of my RPs on a certain extortionate Hot Toys Iron Man Endgame figure a couple of days ago - it meant I effectively got the Sideshow exclusive for the price of shipping lol, but oopf very bad timing!

      If I only manage to budget in for the one of these dolls - the decision for me will be between Muse of Flesh and Muse of Bones... Though I adore the structure of Muse of Spirit's face too lmao! Muse of Bones is utterly gorgeous and very unique... But there's just something indefinable about the attitude of the Muse of Flesh headsculpt that's calling to me!
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    7. Oh wow, congrats! I can't wait to see owner pics of these unique girls - I hope you'll post a few pre and post customization! :D

      I really like all three of them, but I'd have a hard time choosing between bone and flesh. I'm curious as to how tall they actually are, though - the written description says 16", but the listed measurement says 18". :huh?: When you're talking about a doll that's in the 1/4 scale, two inches is quite a big difference.
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    8. They are amazing. There's really no reason for them to be deemed off-topic so hopefully that decision will come in soon. I'm eyeballing Muse of Flesh myself.
    9. I saw someone online do a faceup of the Muse of Bone and she is beautiful. There's so much detail in the sculpting of these and they look heavenly.
      I can't wait to see what people do with all of these, though. I bet it'll be amazing.
    10. We've concluded that these dolls are on topic for DOA, so I'll be moving this thread to the Mini-Size Discussion forum.
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    11. With Halloween coming, I am getting excited for my Muse of Bone! I am sure I won't have her until after Halloween though. :P
    12. :D Yay!! Congrats to everyone who ordered one of these! I have been following them on Instagram and the custom versions are absolutely amazing!! I'm so happy to see more people excited about these and can't wait to see what everyone does with them!! (I ordered a Muse of Bone!) :aheartbea
    13. They had these girls on display at comic con. They are very nice in person. Bone's outfit its amazing.
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    14. Awesome thank you for sharing!
    15. I desperately want bone full set! She’s stunning and her costume is amazing! I have too many dolls on order right now though.....argh!
    16. Argh I just pre-ordered! If anyone is interested in bone full set it’s on special offer at popcultcha until tomorrow it’s around 2/3 of the original price - so be quick!

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