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Silentecho - New head 'Jian'

Mar 22, 2009

    1. This is echo's first head Jian.
      Jian is available on Delf/SD13 body.
      More infos are in here. -> http://silentecho.kr :)

      Order open! April/1~April/10

    2. He's very lovely! :aheartbea
      Do you have any plans to offer this head in white skin resin in future? I would very much be interested in a white skin release!
    3. Wow, I love him :D
      Will he be limited?
    4. acanthiel // I will sell white color too~! :)

      chazzi // I didn't decided quantity. but I sell it just during the order period.
    5. Beautiful boy! *o*

      Will make-up be an option?

      Is he limited?

      And finally - what does his resin match? X3
    6. WolfeClaw // Sorry~ I sell only no make-up head. And the quantity of head is not fixed.
      Jian's skin is similar to body skins of Volks. :)
    7. Very beautiful!
      Is it possible to have a picture of Jian's profile?
    8. When will the order period be? Till the 26th of March like on the Korean site?
    9. If you go into the korean site, to the 'Doll' menu, then into Jian's pictures, at the very bottom there is a yellow link. Click and blank head photos will appear, some are profiles shots.

      silentecho, what is the resin match for the white skin of this lovely boy? :aheartbea

      And is there a discussion thread yet?
    10. Maybe I missed it, but how much is he?
    11. Does the resin of the head is match with Luts NS delf boy?
    12. I updated more info in the site. thank you for your interest~! :)

      hojo// Sorry~ I don't have a Luts NS delf body, can not sure whether skin color match it. :sweat
    13. silentecho - Thank for more info :) I just wonder... I see you wrote an information that 'Jian is available on Delf/SD13 body'
      but, you not sure that the resin will or not match with Delf boy right?
    14. hojo// Jian head is compatible with Volks SD13 and delf body.
      Jian's skin color is match with Volks.(recent color)
      And his color has a slight difference with delf color.
      but I heared that, luts real skin has similar color with Volks.
      I will update more info in my site. Thank you for your interest~:)
    15. I'm sorry, maybe I just missed the information - how much will this head cost and what forms of payment will you accept?
    16. The price of the head is up on the site, it is 110USD.
    17. I'm just completly lost in this site TT
      USD 110 + how much is the shipping to brazil? @-@
    18. Rabiruchi // More infos in the order menu. (include shipping cost). Thank you for your interest~!
    19. Do you take layaway options on this head by any chance?
    20. I was wondering what type of Volks body he can be put on?