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Silicone Eyes at eLuts

Apr 7, 2005

    1. Maybe soom eyes?

      Silicon, I'm thinking, is the soft ones like masterpiece? Put slicon is like, a soft PLASTIC... I think.. :oops:
    2. Silicone is soft glass, like Masterpiece, EyeCo and Soom.

      - Therese
    3. Well, unlike saline eyes, silicone eyes have a more natural look and feel. Still, silicone eye ruptures are harder to detect. When saline eyes rupture, they deflate and the results are seen almost immediately. Silicone eyes also have a higher rate of capsular contracture and a higher deflation rate. Besides, your body will absorb the saline implants a lot easier than silicone.

    4. ROFL... Mara...

      - T.
    5. [​IMG]

    6. XDDDDD *dies laughing* nice pic, zevchan *applause*
    7. ROTFLMAO thats so funny love the pic... made my Thursday morning..

    8. O_O eyes deflate, this silicone and saline it kinds freaks me out, I dont get it. Are they squishy or something? :? If they are squishy then dont they get sticky and get stuff stuck to them...? O_O
    9. Zevchan, are you trying to kill me?! I'm at school! *yipes!* What if one of my teachers had seen that?!
    10. They're not sticky or really squishy. Just pliable.
    11. I don't think this has been reported yet, but the Soom silicone eyes are also available at LeekeWorld. They're in stock right now and they're also carrying 16 mm. :grin:
    12. Has anyone seen the funny animated pic on the soom site? ROTFLMAO! Scroll down a bit and look on the left side of the screen!


    13. they are Soom , I just bought some for my Hound (when he arrives )
      they came megga fast from the Soom site and they are fantastic eyes , I had RainBow and Black Hole , I will try and take a picture of them later , I found the back really interesting , and although I am a HUGE masterpeice eyes fan , I prefere the backs of these because they are easier to get in

      I hope Luts stock the 16mm too , those are the size I need
    14. The Soom eyes are in stock on eLuts now! Still only 18mm so far, but if anyone was waiting to order them from eLuts, here's your chance! (Please leave some for me. ^_~)