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Silly things friends/family do with your dolls

Sep 6, 2010

    1. I did a quick search for something like this and didn't find anything, but if something exists already, please link me to it ^^

      I'm sure people have stories of things their friends or family have done with their dolls while not looking, and I'd like to hear some :3

      Here's mine:

      I bought some bandannas to turn into clothing for my doll, and asked my mom to wash them for me. I had left my doll unattended in the living room, and came back to find a bandanna over him. "Yay, my bandannas are clean!" I said. I left him like that for a bit, and came back to move him only to find the second bandanna, cleverly hidden by the first, was blindfolding/gagging my poor little Ichabod! I took it off and his expression was that of sheer annoyance. I'm not sure if it was at my mom, for tying him up, or at me, for leaving him like that. :sweat
    2. I know when the smaller Rini (5stardoll Tong Tong) comes home my dad will try to hide her or tell our cat (cutie our big baby who think she is human) to play with her ect. Mind you l don't live with him anymore but my dad thinks he can try to do wird things to Rini when l vist him.
    3. Well i have a couple. My best friend will put shoes on their heads...she'll go out of her way just to place a show on one of their heads. I've even chased her to try and stop her after she said, "I'm going to visit your boys." she locked herself int he room, and i waited and after wards she came out declaring "You're boys love me'
      To which i said, "No they don't because you put shoes on their heads!"

      Then sometimes my mother will make things for them and she'll set them up, saying, "You're boys are folding clothes" and ti's a new outfit she made.

      Once my grandmother set up my two yo-sd ones into having a tea party, which freaked me out cause when i asked my mother if she did it, she said no. But then my grandmother said she had done it later on that evening.
    4. Not even an hour ago, my boyfriend and I arrived home from work. Josephine was on the couch and made my boyfriend jump. Five minutes later I heard him yelp, "Oh no! Her hair came off!" He tried to move her and her wig slid off. I came into the living room and he was holding her out in front of him looking at her baldness. He shaves his head. He said "Huh. She looks like me now."
    5. When Remy (Iplehouse SooRi) came home, my mother was interested in him. After gawking at his realistic anatomy, she noticed the black wig he came with. Mom thought it made him look like one of the Beetles, so she plopped the wig on him, took him by the hands and made him dance and sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" like some sort of freakish puppet. It was the most hilarious (and embarassing) thing for poor Remy!!
    6. This is a silly/sweet kinda thing....

      I'd recently gone to visit my mom for 5 days. I brought 3 of my dolls with me for photo ops and to show my mom. I didn't bring my favourite (Moswen) with me though (no room). The Hubby met me at the main train station as a surprise and reserved us a hotel room for the night. Going up the elevator, he told me some friends of mine were waiting in the room for me and I was to close my eyes and act surprised when we got in the room. That made no sense to me as the majority of my friends doen't even live in the same country as me, but did as he asked. When we got in the room and he had me open my eyes, I saw that he'd brought Moswen and Jolen to the hotel and posed them on the bed with their arms outstretched to welcome me back.

      It should be noted that in the almost 2 years I've owned dolls, my Hubby has never once touched them because he finds them very creepy.
    7. When we lived in our last apartment, I had all of my dolls displayed on shelves in the living room. When people would stay over, my boyfriend would pose all of the dolls so they were looking at our friends' sleeping places (either the couch or air mattress depending on the number of people staying). He would also, at times, pose them so their arms were outstretched towards our visitors. Normally, this would not seem so silly, but with ~20 dolls around the room it was quite funny. ^^
    8. Tiarah, that gave me quite a laugh :)
    9. Aww some of these stories are so cute!

      My mum's quite funny with the dolls - she's adamant that she 'hates' them, yet she does things like tuck them in when I leave them sitting on my bed, or straightening them out and sitting them 'more comfortably' if I leave them sprawled. She even got annoyed the other day when I changed a wig on one of my floating heads - even after I explained that it was because the long hair was too unruly and I'd change it back when Lief got a body.

      My best friend, who is slowly coming around, loves to put them in odd positions, and see what she can get them to do and still balance. This meant we found out that Ty could do a handstand.
    10. Hahaha, these are all really cute and funny. Nothing all too interesting happens with my girl, except that my mom sometimes (to both mine and Theia's horror) takes her clothes off to look at her 'anatomic accuracy'.
    11. ...my friend made my doll a pair of pink undies. My -male- doll. XD
    12. OH god, That is somthing your mother would do!
    13. I brought Tobi down to the basement the other day to show one of my friend's who'd never seen him. At first, he was distracted by how much he looks like a girl, but then he had an insta-bond with my boy.
      So, when my other friend, he and I started to play Brawl on the Wii, he paused the game, walked over to Tobi and covered Tobi's eyes with one of his hands. My other friend and I just sort of starred at him and he replied "I've got to protect his innocence, ya know?" It was adorable. x3
      And then when he left, he gave Tobi a kiss on the nose. 83 I love it when my friends bond with him. x3
    14. I have been collecting dolls my whole life. My dolls are works of art to me. I had an entire room added on to our home called "The doll Gallery" just to display my dolls. During the summer months I usually entertain guests out by pool with a BBQ, swimming, playing cards etc.
      After a day of entertaining friends they all left about 6 pm. Later that evening I went into my "Doll Gallery" and noticed that all of my dolls had been posed differently. My friends thought it would be funny to take their Marlboro cigarettes and pose all of them with cigarettes in their hands!
      I could not believe one of my friends did this! In my mind, I knew exactly which of my friends would do this with his lame sense of humor.

      I had to go around and collect all these cigarettes from their hands and check to see if any fingers where damaged. All the kids where okay but, I did not find humor in this at all. My dolls are expensive.
      I did get even though!
      A few months later we were invited to a Dinner Party at their home.
      I went into their bedroom and shredded up cigarettes and put them under their bedsheets so they can sleep in tabacco.
      I went into their bathroom and hid all the toilet paper. ( I hoped they noticed toilet paper missing during the time its needed)
      I enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone but, DON'T MESS WITH THE DOLLS!
    15. 1. They make the boy dolls looks like girls and vice versa
      2. They try to pull their undies out
      3. Mess their hair
      4. Pose them in weird and funny positions
      5. Asked them to stop staring or demand them to do some chores (ex. What are you looking at?! Do the laundry! XD)
      6. Calling them random names
    16. My boyfriend likes to make awkward innuendos towards my Analeigh, so I need to make her a bra and panties very soon. The first thing he said when he say her was "does she have a butt hole?" O.0" But he does put her to bed for me sometimes :)
    17. When I only had one doll, my buddy took her off-topic girl doll and snuggled them up together on my bed. I asked her why she did it and she denied having moved them... Because for a while she was determined to make them boyfriend/girlfriend. *_*
    18. I brought my new RS Bei to AWA with me last weekend and this was the first chance many of my friends had to see her. Being a mostly trusting person I let them play with her for the most part as they please and some how playing dress up left to one girl chasing the other around the hotel room with her making Lotha claw at anyone she got close to, my friend making "rawr" noises as she move my dolls hands for added effect.
    19. BSR (Mr. Brightfires) has been known to pose mine doing the "Zombie Walk"-thing if I leave them unattended in his company... I also found Al, who stays upstairs in the bedroom, hiding in a pillow-fort one afternoon. XD
    20. These are some pretty funny stories. XD Though, Manscan's story sounds scary. I'd be furious if anyone got tobacco near my doll D:

      I have a couple more of my own, too. My mom, brother, and friend have now all tried to pose Ichabod. My brother was first- he tried to make him stand, but he bent his legs. He eventually handed him to me. I asked what he was trying to do, then just to prove he can I made him stand. My mom was simply trying to move him from my bed so she could watch my TV. I walk in and he's on my pillow with his bandanna over him, his leg popped out at the knee. She said, "I left him on your pillow. I picked him up and he flexed! He's not supposed to do that!!" And my friend also bent his knee and freaked out a bit. She said, "Is he supposed to do that..?" Hehe, poor thing, everyone freaks out when his knees bend ^^;