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Similar to Unoss?

Feb 20, 2007

    1. I recently fell in love with the unoss body, but I already know the troubles of finding one of these girls. I'm not concerned about the price, i'd be willing to *pay* for one of these bodies, but I think I'd be waiting forever to get one, and I don't want the head destined for it to float forever.

      So i'm wondering if there's anything out there that is SIMILAR to the Unoss? My *FAVORITE* part of these bodies are the LEGS. they have lovely muscle-y legs, not skinny ones, and I really love that. In addition to that, I love their size - i think. I saw one in the gallery recently that was shorter than a CP Breakaway, so I"m thinking they're in the SD10 size, which I adore. And lastly, i really like one-piece bodies. Now i know that a reasonable comparison *might* be the Volks Girl SD10 bodies... but I have one already and it really just isn't as... wonderful as the unoss.

      Also, if anyone knows how "often" these lovelies tend to pop up, that'd help as well (yes i know i just missed one in the marketplace. *cry* )

      thanks for any help. ! :)
    2. If you are searching both on Yahoo!Japan and eBay, I *think* you can probably find one within a month to two months. I may be a bit out of touch with their rates though as I haven't really kept tabs on them specifically. Unfortunately I don't know the exact katakana you'd use to search for the Unoss, but this 荒木元太郎 will bring up any auctions that specifically mention Gentaro Araki.
    3. i don't think anything really compares to the shapely legs of unoss, except unoa, but of course she is a mini.

      rainy girls, dollfie dream, custom house old girl body... i know these are all a little more "full figured" than most girls. the sd16 girl body also has nice musculature, but harder to get.
    4. What is fun with the Unoss body is it's shapely curves and it's gorgous detailing. Rainygirls are also hippy, just as Unoss girls are, but the thing about the Rainy bodies is that the bodies are so undefined. Very little detailing at all...

      There's an Unoss on YJ every month, and every second month an Unoss body shows up, so you oughn't have too long a wait. Good luck!
    5. Have you taken a look at Aoi-Tuki girls? They're more curvy than even an Unoss, I think. Last I checked, somebody even had one for sale currently in the marketplace.

      Here's a link to the Aoi-Tuki webpage that shows off the body (Warning: Not Work Safe): http://www.aoi-tuki.com/hikaku.html

      Alternatively, I've heard a rumour that there's an Unoss 2 in the planning...
    6. The Aoi-Tuki girls are fantastic. I've never seen them before. Not quite U-noss, but very curvy. (OMGosh - those breasts)

      I love my cuddly girl. Unoss has a quality about her that makes you want o pick her up. Maybe that's just me. I'm not a baby doll kind of girl, not even as a kid, but I just love to play with U-noss Aika.

      Keep on searching and read the News section here. I've heard that rumour about a U-noss 2 myself, and wouldn't that be cool???!!!! :D
    7. How about twigling's limbs on a volks torso. ALso they have such great poseability.
    8. I like the Aoi Tuki doll A LOT!!! but how would you go about getting one and or they really expensive?
    9. I haven't heard this rumor so can someone tell me a little more about it? Is Volks supposed to be involved this time, or is it Araki on his own? I'd really love to see an U-Noss in Pureskin..:aheartbea
    10. Thanks everyone for the help! The Aoi Tuki girls ARE beautiful, but i'm looking for something shorter, at least for this character. A U-noss 2 would be great, although if its like the Unoa 2 they won't be quite the same as the first :\ guess we'll see!

      edit : the idea for using TwingLing's limbs is a really good one, and I"m considering that, because they give a less childish feel to the dolls, especially with their delicate hands. (SD10 hands are so... chubby). Thanks fitz for that suggestion
    11. i am guessing volks won't be involved, but that is just my guess.

      it isn't really a rumour, except that most of us got the information second hand, araki is actually working on a second unoss. here are some posts i could find refering to it.



      the thing is though, unoa 2 looks very different from unoa 1.0 and 1.5, so who knows if a 2nd unoss with be compatable with the original.
    12. As far as I know, the Aoi Tuki (it means "Blue Moon," by the way, and in standard Japanese romanization systems would be spelled "Aoi Tsuki," not "Tuki") girls are only available from the maker, Aoi Tuki Hime ("Blue Moon Princess") via YJA. Here's a link to her profile - there's almost always at least one doll listed, and they all come with an outfit, faceup, and wig and eyes. I think they even come with the props pictured (like guns, swords, or musical instruments, depending on the theme of the doll). They're all the same price.


      **grin** I plan on getting one eventually, I've just got a few other dolls on my list first. **looks at list** ...yeah. A few... ^_^;;
    13. Your welcome, I got the impression that unoss, kind of inspired tiwglings limbs- just because they have a bigger feel. Of course I am not sure about that. I just love the balance of poseability and beauty of these limbs.
    14. The Limhwa half-elf has really strong shapely legs and hips. She is bigger in the chest and shoulders than Unoss and taller, but her legs and stance are pretty similar.
    15. Dollstown will also be releasing their 15 Girl body this summer. She looks tall and shapely! :drool

      In terms of looks though, none of them are quite a replacement for the Unoss body. I've considered trying to get one for my character Lina, but I'm not sure which head I'm going to settle on yet. Do you think it'd be nice with an FCS F-29 head? Or do I stick with the SD13? Or something else? If a Unoss II comes out it may make my descision easier!
    16. Thanks everyone.

      Everyone is suggesting larger bodies, so I"m wondering if my impression of the U-noss were wrong? I know they are "larger" and hard to clothe, but based on this thread:
      and knowing the height of the CP boys, i figured she was around the SD10 size. Am I incorrect? And does anyone have a comparison thread of her with other dolls?
    17. She is of a hight with a SD10, i.e. somewhere around 57 cm.

      I think the Unoss is unique in being both stocky and short - as you say, all alternatives are taller bodies.

      And the Unoss isn't that difficult to clothe - if you stay away from tight pants and skirts, she fits into most things. She is hell to keep shod, though! :|
    18. Ah okay good. Cause the character she's meant for is supposed to be short, as she's paired with a SD10 boy, so the height is REALLY important. I'd rather settle for an SD10 girl body (ick) over a curvey / stocky / TALL body.
    19. Someone already mentioned Limwha... I'm pretty sure she is surprisingly short... The only one I've seen in person looked just fine next to a Rainy Boy Wu (And they're a bit short)... ask Angelmecha about it since that's the one I met.