Sales Promotion Simply Divine Christmas sale event!

Dec 5, 2020

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      ~~~We are thrilled to offer you our annual Thank you Christmas event~~~

      Please note our our 5th annual Christmas special begins Dec 1st and will expire after 12/31
      We are offering a 25% off special on our entire Simply Divine line
      through out the month of December

      It is our way of saying thank you to all of you for your loyalty and help in making
      Simply Divine a great success.
      Thanks and have a joyous and peaceful holiday season
      ~Liz and Cat~

      Please enter coupon code LOVECATANDLIZ at time of checkout.
      Your 25% coupon will automatically be honored for your purchase. This means all Simply Divine head sculpts are reduced to $150.00 and all Simply Divine masks
      are available at a 25% price reduction.

      Please go to:

      Simply Divine Etsy shop

      for all of our Simply Divine products

      Find all info about Simply Divine here...

      Simply Divine website

      Simply Divine

      and here...

      You can also find the DoA Simply Divine discussion threads here...

      Simply Divine Discussion | Den of Angels

      and here...

      and dont forget to take a look at our article in bjdcollectasy...

      ~Simply Divine~

      ~Thank you for your deep interesting~
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    2. I went through your websites and found Medusa Valentina head. I wonder if you can make the snake part like a head wear for SD? I really like it. It looks way better than any medusa version of the big companies
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    3. Thanks so much for your compliment! PM me to discuss further :3nodding::3nodding::3nodding: