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Simply Divine Eve Discussion Thread

Apr 28, 2012

    1. I didn't see a discussion thread for this lovely girl, so here we go! :)

      My Eve, has just arrived, and I had so much fun painting her (luckily our weather held, so I was able to complete her face-up). I've put Amaya on a cream white Soom Super Gem body, with jointed Dollzone hands, so she's a true hybrid. She's Venetian Luna White urethane (which is a true "paper white" when unpainted), but I was able to under-paint her to a soft cream color, so she now matches the Soom body pretty well.

      Curious as to what bodies other Eve folks are using for their girls, and your customization plans?

      Anyway, here's my Eve.

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    2. Here's my Eve, and Thomas too, in Luna white, as Lydia and Jean Paul Devereaux, twins and plantation owners. Both are Luna white; Lydia is on a CW Supergem body with the Simply Divine small bust; Jean Paul is on a Luts SSDF body in beauty white. Faceups by Jay Searle. Jay got me started when she posted a photo of her Thomas faceup and then offered to sell me the head; when I saw what she could do with Eve, I knew I needed twins. They are both just strikingly beautiful, I think.
    3. AnitaS, I totally agree they are strikingly beautiful! Love your backstory and styling too!

      I am a fan now of Simply Divine dolls after seeing your twins...
    4. Here's Tanit, my lovely Simply Divine Eve in Cinnamon.

      Face-up and necklaces by me (earth.spirits)
      Silk top and scarf by flowergirl
      Wig by Desert Rose Coutures (restyled and accessorized by me).
      Silver hair clip by orangebabydolly.

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