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Simply Divine Saturnalia Event

Jul 1, 2021

    1. Welcome to the Simply Divine Saturnalia Event head naming contest thread!


      Please follow all rules carefully!
      This contest will run from Thursday July 1st through Sat July 31st 2021.
      We will review all suggested names submitted by the community
      and choose our favorite for the Saturnalia Event head.
      As a prize for having their name suggestion selected, we will present a resin head to the winner
      in the color of their choice, either Venetian Luna White, or Venetian Luna Sunrise.
      This contest will end on...Sat July 31st at midnight
      at which point we will select a winner!
      We will announce a winner and our new boys name in this thread on August 7th 2021

      The winner will be contacted privately by Simply Divine
      to determine resin color choice, shipping address, etc.
      We will be paying for world wide postage costs for shipping to the winner,
      however any customs charges will be the responsibility of that person.

      Contest rules:
      Each person may submit up to three names all included in one post. Please limit your submission to one post only. Please read carefully through prior name suggestions as any repeated names will not be considered, we will give the priority of that name choice to the first person who had posted it, they will be the only one who will have claim to that name entry.
      If your chosen name suggestion has a specific meaning, please feel free to include it

      Sample Contest Submission:
      #1 Austin
      #2 Westley
      #3 Lucifer - Lucifer means 'morning star' or 'light bringing'

      Please only post names submissions in this thread. Any discussions or questions
      should go in our existing Simply Divine Discussion thread located here...


      This contest is open to all Den of Angels members
      Good luck everyone, we cant wait to hear your suggestions and pick a winner to name our boy!

      Gorgeous paint and beautiful photos credit to Komorebi Dolls



      #1 stinesculpture, Jul 1, 2021
      Last edited: Jul 3, 2021
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      1. Adelchi—the name of a warrior prince in the classic Italian tragedy by Alessandro Manzon of the same name.

      (I will add other names to this post when I think of them)
    2. #1 Rian - Irish, meaning little king or kingly, pronounced Ree-an
      #2 Boe - Scandinavian, meaning handsome/admirer/sweetheart
      #3 Owen - Derived from the welsh name Owain, meaning well-born
    3. 1. Zayne
      2. Vash
      3. Troy

      Some of my top favorite names~
      1. Orion - The name of a constellation, meaning "boundary, limit". In Greek myth, Orion was a mighty hunter.
      2. Neptune - Roman God of the sea.
      3. Leonel/Leon - Greek origin, means Lion.
    4. 1: Adam, because he reminds me of a handsomer Adam Driver lol.
      2: August
      3: Abel
    5. RONIN
    6. 1. Erebus- Greek personification of shadows and darkness, also a region of the Underworld.
      2. Hypnos- Greek god of sleep
      3. Thanatos- Greek personification of death and was the one to lead dead souls down to the Underworld
    7. 1. Amaranthine - Greek, means "immortal" or "undying", based on the mythological undying flower that grows on Mount Olympus
      2. Menna - Arabic, means "favor" or "grace"
      3. Dacian - Roman name referring to someone from as from 'Dacia', which is present-day Romania and Moldova
    8. 1. Damian
      2. Marcus
      3. Callum
    9. 1. Puck - mischievous satyr from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
      2. Jamul - Native American coyote god, a trickster, yet taught civilization the arts
      3. Gwyndion - Welsh magician and trickster god
    10. 1. Deo - Greek for Godlike, he's got a face that reminds me of statues of Gods from the Romanticism Era
      2. Angel - Always a good name to go with, outside of the bible connection, it's just a nice sounding name.
      3. Quinn - More or less "Intelligent leader" and has Celtic origins
    11. I. Eridanus - A constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere.

      II. Andrus - Greek meaning man; warrior.

      III. Callisto/Kallisto - was an Arcadian nymph, whose name literally means “most beautiful.”
    12. 1. Gawain -- one of King Arthur's knights of the round table. Known for his courteousness, compassion and humility.

      2. Ganymede -- Greek Mythology; the most beautiful man in the world and Zeus's cupbearer

      3. Eli -- Hebrew; means high or elevated
    13. 1. Abelard- the young scholar hired to tutor Heloise, their life long and tragic romance was the love story of the high medieval age.
      2. Galahad- Son of Lancelot and Lady Elaine of Carbonek. One of the most heroic knights of the Arthurian legends, being the only one considered worthy of the holy grail.
      3. Phillip- Prince of the Hapsburg line, Phillip the Fair was renowned for his gifted intellect, athletic ability, and heavenly looks.
      4-Fabio- the man walked into Ford Modeling unemployed and walked out with a contract. I think this gorgeous boy could do the same.
    14. Names of some of the beautiful men in cinema history:
      1. Lancaster
      2. Delon
      3. Dalton
    15. Asher- Hebrew meaning happy and blessed
      Atticus- Greek origin
      Dechen- Tibetan for great happiness
    16. #1 Hyacinth -a very beautiful Spartan prince and lover of the god Apollo
      #2 Princeps -from Saturnalicius princeps (Ruler of the Saturnalia)
      #3 Polidore -one who is a much wanted gift
      #18 FranC, Jul 2, 2021
      Last edited: Jul 2, 2021
    17. #1 Raelis
      #2 Ciaran (Irish, pronounced with a 'k' sound and can also be spelled Kieran)
      #3 Rakesh (translates to “lord of the full moon.”)
    18. 1. Leander, from the Greek myth of Hero and Leander. Tragic love!
      2. Wolfgang, the classic German name.
      3. Valentine, after the 3rd century Christian saint.

      As a Roman polytheist though I was amused by this being termed a Saturnalia... this month is Neptunalia, not Saturnalia! :lol:
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