Simply Meant to Be/obscure_kind Discussion Thread

Nov 12, 2019

    1. (Sorry if this in the wrong place, feel free to move ;v;)

      A place to discuss Simply Meant to Be bjds!

      Simply Meant to Be is an independent artist who is doing their second preorder for their first doll, Dohwee. They are located in South Korea (or at least, they follow Korean Standard Time). Their website isn't super easy to navigate as most of it is in Korean and I'm not fluent!

      Obscure_kind INSTAGRAM: These days, i make BJDoll ☃️ (@obscure_kind) • Instagram photos and videos
      Simply Meant to Be BJD website: 심플리멘투비 : 네이버 블로그

      Dohwee is a 48cm tall boy who is going to be available in three skin tones: Light Peach (looks like NS), Mid Pale (looks like WS), and Ruddy Real (looks like tan). The light peach skin is described on the website as "not yellowy or pinky, in the middle", the mid pale skin is a "desaturated light pink pale", and ruddy real is "not yellowy light tan."


      Measurements for Dohwee (in case the font in the picture is too light for some people to read)
      Height 48cm
      Neck 7cm
      Shoulders (width) 11cm
      Chest 19cm
      Waist 14cm
      Pelvis 18cm
      Hip 19.3cm
      Shoulder to feet 39cm
      Shoulder wrist/arm 15cm
      Forearm 6.3cm
      Wrist 4cm
      Hand 4.5cm
      Leg Length 23.5cm
      Thigh 10.8cm
      Ankle 5.8cm
      Foot 5.7cm
      Head 7.2in

      The first preorder for Dohwee was in August 2019, and the second preorder started today (8pm KST, November 12th, 2019). Dolls are expected to arrive sometime in March 2020.

      I made this thread because I am just so excited for this boy. I ordered him in Ruddy Real skin and I'm so pumped to see him in this skin tone, there's only pictures of the light peach and mid pale skin on instagram. The doll itself looks so versatile, there are so many pictures of him in so many different wigs and eyes and clothing and he looks great in ALL OF IT!

      Did anyone else get in on this preorder? I'd love to talk here!
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    2. I ordered him in light peach skin! Glad to see someone else ordered because there’s not too much about this doll yet. Though I’ve seen a few Korean and Chinese owners on Instagram. So I decided to go ahead and get in on the preorder :D
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    3. Yay, the discussion thread arrives! I'm interested in seeing more of that mild tan.. I hope they cast more of their digital sculpts, one of them is so so cute! I can't wait to see more owner pics of Dohwee as well.
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    6. Yay!!
    7. Hurrah! And now we wait.

      I don't see too many of his pictures. I wonder how many people ordered during the first run?
    8. I know the maker posts a TON of Dohwees that are all home now. She usually credits the owner.
    9. I see on twitter but I think there should be more from the August order? I think most of them are still at the faceup artist.
    10. was there an option to get a company faceup? i thought she said on instagram that maybe during the 3rd preorder there would be a faceup option.
    11. There is no faceup option. I meant to say August orders that were shipped October are mostly probably sent to the faceup artists now, so we do not see many pics yet. :(
    12. oh! then yeah, i agree, theyre probably all away from their homes.

      im so antsy. i've never ordered a full doll completely new before (i've only ordered one new body straight from a company and it came within 2 weeks) and waiting til march is so agonizing lol:eek:
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    13. These are really neat. But look kind of hard of to order. I look forward to pics!
    14. It was pretty easy to order since I follow the instagram! You just copy paste the form linked in their bio, and then send the form to them through email during the preorder. The next preorder is in January-March ish I think!
    15. I'm not on instagram! But that's good to know!
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    16. The order is really on Naver (Korean blog, you do not need an account). I think a lot of smaller artists in Korea do* orders this way. Even Napi does this type of ordering system for international buyers.:cheer

      심플리멘투비 : 네이버 블로그

      His blog/website is also Korean/English so it wasn't hard to navigate! I hope that helps. :hug:
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    17. Cool!! The dolls are really cute!!
    18. I ordered Dohwee in light peach, but was really torn between that and ruddy real. I love how versatile the sculpt is and can't wait to see more owner pictures :D

      I hope they do release some of the digital sculpts too! I need the one that has the heart cheeks face up, love it so much. But there are so many cute ones. Which one you hope for?
    19. So happy to see a thread for these cuties~! I told myself I didn't need any more dolls, but Dohwee stole my heart a while back. I wasn't expecting another preorder so soon but figured since I'd recently gotten my tax return he could be an xmas/birthday present to myself haha. I was torn between ruddy real and mild pale, but went with pale in the end. I kinda wish I'd gotten ruddy real instead, but figure if I desperately want him darker I could try dyeing him.
    20. Did anyone else finish paying off their Dohwee layaway today? I'm so excited, he's officially mine! Now we just have to wait for him to arrive...