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Singapore's First Local Auction Agent - Abidko

Sep 27, 2005

    1. I just received an email from a person on Yahoo!SG about this!! XD I'm not familiar with shopping services or auction agents, so I'll just post up the link so some of you can go review the site. :3


      XD They accept both local banks and paypal transfers. <3
    2. Whee~
      I just wish that there was more information on the company, no contact person/address given.
    3. Meh, good old Crescent Shop is still cheaper in terms of commission fees for the price range of most of what I buy. =3 Plus his service is lightning quick, tried, tested, and true. I'll stick with him!

      (Thanks for the link, yoake~)
    4. evildolly: o_o hmm, I guess they're VERY new.. lol.. But contact information should be one of the first information to be placed on a website, ne?

      shan: :3 I'll keep that in mind, Crescent Shop being cheaper. o_O I hope abidko works much harder to stay in the competition amongst all the shopping/auction services.