Single doll owners?

Jun 18, 2018

    1. Are there any single doll owners like me?
      I think it’s beautiful those big doll families but I don’t feel like having more than one doll.
      When I got my new doll, I kept my old one for three days before I delivered her to the new owner and I felt soooo guilty when I played with one but not the other.
      I love to spoil my only doll.
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    2. I wanted a single doll in the beginning (which is what everyone apparently says) but I found that my interest in sculpting my own dolls and sewing doll clothes won't allow me to only have one. I want to work with at least one MSD, SD, and tiny. Plus, I don't really get attached to dolls emotionally as many other people seem to, so I don't feel bad about giving one more attention than other.

      But I think it is wonderful if you are happy with your one doll! For one thing, it certainly makes it easier to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. if you're not trying to deal with many sizes!
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    3. For the longest time, I was totally on board with having only one doll. I felt like I couldn't divide my attention between more than one, so I kept away from getting more, even though there were several I was totally in love with. But, now that I have dolls shelled as characters from one of my stories, I find that I couldn't imagine picking just one! I'm up to five right now, but that's mostly because I'm already attached to the characters.

      Don't feel bad if you only want one doll! The important part is that you enjoy the hobby in whatever way you choose!
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    4. I felt really sad with only one doll because I wanted to have my dolls interact. It just gives you more options for photos for example if you have more than one doll. I think at least for photos it does look a little boring to only have one doll when you can also have two or three interacting. But that is just how I feel about it. On the other hand it is nice that you can focus on one doll
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    5. I admire that you only want one. I wish i had that desire too. Sometimes i think about only having one but i have no idea who i would choose. Just stick with one and bond with it! It will be a unique experience!
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    6. I only have one right now, but I just got him relatively recently. Originally, I had planned on getting multiple dolls because there were so many beautiful ones from different websites, and because I thought I would pose two or more together sometimes

      However, I've been so content with just having one for the past year and a half that I'm not sure that will change. At this point, I have more desire to buy more clothes and accessories for my current doll than I have desire to buy another doll. Especially since the wait for a doll to arrive after ordering was one of the most stressful things

      If I ever do get another, it will probably be so that I can have multiple dolls of different styles and with different faceups (e.g. one can be casual, another can be fantasy, another can be horror), because I don't like the idea of cleaning off a decent faceup that I did well. So if I ever want to try a vastly different faceup, I'll probably get another doll then
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    7. I often wish I had 1 doll. I've been downsizing, but I'll never be able to get down to one. I started out with three, so I never even had the experience of a single doll. I always like following single doll people on social media so I can live vicariously through them.
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    8. I just got a doll myself, and eventhough I've been eyeing other sculpts as possible shells for my ocs-- I'm not planning to expand my doll family any time soon because of other life priorities. I feel very satisfied with just having this one for now, because I consider him a long- term ongoing project-- I have been spoiling him with an allocated "doll budget" for clothes etc every month and hope to do more photo- taking and writing before I get another one. :) Because of my insistence of sticking to just one for now, I often get teased about it... and have survived multiple "poisoning" attempts lol. :lol:
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    9. I...I thought single doll owners were a myth! I don't think I've ever seen one in the wild before.
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    10. I totally understand the desire to lavish attention on just one doll! I have several dolls but sometimes I feel guilty when I'm paying a lot of attention to one and not the others.

      But I personally prefer having multiple dolls because I have several stories, and I like my characters to be able to interact in doll form. Otherwise I feel like they're lonely! :)
    11. :danceLike Bigfoot ?
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    12. Currently a single doll owner though don't plan to stay that way for long as I will someday amass an army of tinies. Even with "big" dolls I plan to get just one more which will be my boy version, I only ever intend to have two big dolls, one of each for both genders, so I guess in a way I sorta count as a "single-doll owner?" I mean does it count if you plan to only have one big doll (or 2 if you want one for both genders like me) while the rest are Pukifee/Lati Yellow/Tiny Delf size in order to play around with miniature props alongside other toys like Nendoroids? I kinda feel like I don't fit in either category.... (the strict single-doll owners nor the collectors of multiple SDs/MSDs)
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    13. I just wanted a girl doll and a guy doll so I could have the best of both worlds. Now I do and I'm content. :)
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    14. At first i wanted just one doll but as time goes i will absolute have more, you kind of get bitten by the bjd bug!
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    15. I just have one. I’m happier that way. I get easily overwhelmed with to many on the shelf. If I get an itch to buy a new doll, I buy my girl a new outfit and/or wig.

      I like photos of big families but I could never do it.
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    16. I really wish that I could be a single doll owner, but the variety of sculpts and bodies make it very difficult. One thing I've noticed lately is that I'm more than okay with buying a doll and then buying different heads (even if it's a different mold). Back in the day, this is something I would've never entertained since I didn't want to own a bunch of doll parts. Now, I don't really want to have multiple complete dolls around, but I like the option of swapping out the heads for a new look and the feel of a new doll. :)
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    17. I'm having mixed feelings.Currently I have one full doll and two floating heads but I do want more dolls in my care since I've already had some plans. However since we move a lot, space and baggage plays a big part into my consideration of buying another full doll.
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    18. When I bought my first doll, I choose it very carefully because I thought it would be the only one, so I wanted to be sure it would be the best, the nicest, the cutest...
      But years have passed and I fell for a new doll, and another one...
      I have many dolls now and I love them all.
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    19. I have more than one doll, but I admire owners who are able to keep a single doll in their collection.
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    20. Yes, I have anxiety so waiting for a doll just gets on my nerves. I love spoiling my girl with lots of new clothes.

      LMAO!!!! I love this!

      Same here!

      Precisely! I also get overwhelmed with thoo many dolls. When I sent my previous doll for faceup, it felt empty immediately. And when my new doll arrived few days before I delivered the old doll to the new owner it also felt weird immediately to have two dolls in the room. Which felt better after the old doll left so I’m very sure I won’t have others.
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